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Japan (Oct2013): Day 2: Osaka.

Day 2 (27/10/13): Osaka. Stay at Osaka

Time breakdown:
0800 wake up, proceeded to try to contact Bmobile's helpline since the data simcard doesn't seemed to be working on my phone. Then had to resort to using hotel's free wifi to connect to internet and then request for help on hardwarezone japan section's bmobile thread, and also managed to contact the hubby via viber app for help.
1030 Finally managed to get my bmobile's datasim card working, thx to hardwarezone's thread (who got me to uncheck "LTE" option on my phone), and my hubby (who spotted my typo mistake on my APN settings from the screenshots I sent him). 
1035-1040 Took subway from Dobutsuenmae to Tennoji station
1045-1150 Went to Tourist information counter to request for some maps and info, then went to JR's ticketing office to do seat reservations for the remaining train journeys for my trip, plus spent some time trying to figure out how to switch my itinerary about since some train options were full.
1201-1207 Took train from Tennoji to Tsuruhashi station
1215-1220 Went to the Ltd Exp seat reservation counter at Tsuruhashi's Kintetsu train platform to get seat reservation tickets for my train journey for the following day.
1225-1230 Tsuruhashi to Namba station
1245-1315 BIC Camera
1345-1415 Daiso
1430-1500 Late lunch at Ichiran Ramen's Dotonbori branch
1505-1530 Don Quijote
1550-1710 Tokyu Hands
1715-1740 Went Food Hall at Daimaru Dept Store to buy back dinner
1745-1755 Took train from Shinsaibashi station to Dobutsuenmae station
1800 Arrive back at hotel

Expenditures: (6418yen)
200yen Dobutsuenmae to Tennoji via subway
120+200yen Tennoji to Tsuruhashi, then Tsuruhashi to Namba
147yen Pocari Sweat
525yen 5 items from Daiso
790yen Ramen at Ichiran outlet
356yen 2 Rice crackers (senbei) from Don Quijote
248yen Lip balm
1160yen 2 aircon brush (580yen each) from Tokyu Hands
1029yen Travel sized digital alarm clock from Tokyu Hands
940yen Katsu-ju from Daimaru basement food hall for dinner
147yen Potato croquette
200yen Shinsaibashi station to Dobutsuenmae station

Went Tsuruhashi station to get my seat reservation ticket from the Ltd Exp counter at Kintetsu Tsuruhashi station's train platform. 

Kintetsu Ltd Exp ticket counter at Tsuruhashi station's train platform.
Train timings
 After Tsuruhashi, I went to Namba area's BIC Camera to look for phone casings for my new(ish) Sony Xperia SP. But I was disappointed to find that they don't carry this model in Japan. Sigh...
Many cute helmets for children being sold at BIC Camera

Walking towards Dotonbori area

Since it was a weekend, so the streets are pretty crowded.

Glico man at Dotonbori

My destination for lunch is Ichiran Ramen, located in the building just next to the Don Quixote building with the yellow ferris wheel.
 But before lunch, I came across a Daiso (100yen shop, where everything costs 100yen each).
I really love how there's so many different types of cooking seasonings being sold at Daiso when they usually cost quite abit more in Singapore.
100yen each

100yen each

100yen each

100yen each.
Time for lunch. Finally found Ichiran Ramen (see below pic) located somewhat next to the Don Quixote store (with yellow ferris wheel) at Dotonbori. This outlet opens 24hrs.
Ichiran Ramen

Since it was kind of a late lunch, so there wasn't really a queue.
Step 1: Circle your ramen preference on the order sheet. They have English version (as shown in the pic) if you ask for it.

Step 2: Insert payment into this machine to get your order ticket.
Order ticket. It says "Ramen" on the ticket. Costs 790yen.

Step 3: Wait infront of this panel for an empty seat. The seats that are lighted are the empty seats. So just proceed to your seat.

Every seat is an individual seat. There's no group seat.
This is how a typical seat looks like. Both sides are boarded up so that you can enjoy your ramen without distractions.

Iced water dispenser at every table, with empty cups above.
Guides in how to place your order at Ichiran Ramen in English, Korean and Mandarin. 

Once the Ramen order arrives, the screen will be dropped down.

Toilet at Ichiran Ramen has many toilet paper rolls. Wonder what's the difference. :)
 After my late lunch, I popped by next door to Don Quixote (also known as "Donki") store.

Straw hats

Chopper again. Halloween version.
Cute onsies


Continued towards Tokyu Hands, near Shinsaibashi station

Sanrio store along Shinsaibashi

Tokyu Hands, near Shinsaibashi station

Emergency food supplies

Cute 3D puzzles

Chopper 3D puzzle

Since it was Halloween season, so there was lots of costumes being sold everywhere. Also saw many people in costumes walking around Shinsaibashi.
After some light shopping at Tokyu Hands, I bought my dinner from nearby Daimaru's basement food hall back to my hotel room to eat.
What else, Katsudon again of course. 940yen. Really love this brand (Maisen)
 What I bought:
Found the rice crackers which I liked from my flight. Bought these from Don Quixote store at 356yen per pack. 

The hubby requested that I buy these brushes which he likes to use to clean our aircon. We can't seemed to find these anywhere other than Tokyu Hands, so I went ahead and bought 2 at 580yen each. I also finally managed to get a travel sized digital alarm clock for myself from Tokyu Hands (1029yen)

My 5 items from Daiso (105yen each). 

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