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Penang (Sep 2014): Day 3 Penang

Day 3 (26/9/2014): Singapore to KL

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(Itinerary for this day)
1000-1045 Had breakfast of Char Kway Teow (again) from the stall opposite hotel.
1100-1215 Mother-in-law had massage for her back
1230-1330 Visited Camera Museum
1400-1445 Had lunch at 1 of the coffeeshop along Jalan Penang
1445-1545 Explored Georgetown on foot.
1600-1730 Enjoyed air-con at Prangin Shopping mall
1730-1735 Took a taxi to Red Garden Food Center for dinner
1845-1900 Walked back to our hotel.

It's morning, finally I was able to take a clearer look at the hotel's surroundings since it was nearly midnight when we checked in the previous night. 
The main reason I booked this hotel is because I wanted a stay at 1 of the restored shophouses instead of a regular hotel. There are many such hotels in Georgetown and eventually I chose to stay with Ren I Tang since it was located within Georgetown and somewhat near to the ferry terminal (about 10mins walk). 

Here are some photos of the hotel's common areas.

Take the stairs to go up to our rooms. There is no elevators since it's an old building. 

Hotel's free breakfast. But since we are already in Penang, I'd rather eat street food than cereals and bread for breakfast.

We were able to order from the Char Koay Teow stall opposite our hotel and request for them to deliver it to our hotel so we could eat at 1 of the tables as seen here. Plus, we took advantage of the free hot beverages which the hotel provide in the morning to go with our Char Koay Teow breakfast :) Of course, we then took our empty plates to return to the stall after we are done eating.

The Char Koay Teow Stall opposite our hotel
The Char Koay Teow Stall opposite our hotel

Char Koay Teow for breakfast. Pretty nice.
Our hotel (Ren I Tang) exterior

 Since my mother-in-law has some issues with her back, so we went in search for a massage for her.
So after her 1hr massage, we headed out to walk around Georgetown to explore the area. 

This place is really a lovely place for people who are keen in Photography to visit, because there are many street art, and old and retro buildings to take photos of. There's also a camera museum within Georgetown too!
Many street art scattered around Georgetown

Some random shophouse's entrance

1 of the many temples

Old buildings

After a short 10-15mins walk from our hotel, we arrived at the Camera Museum
Camera museum's exterior

The shop within Camera museum

Camera Museum's display area. You'd have to pay admission fees to go up to this area.

Little cafe at Camera museum

There's a Cat cafe located just next to camera museum for those keen on cats. 

Since it was already nearly 2pm, so we went in search of some coffeeshop to have our lunch. 

Had our lunch here, and 1 of the coffeeshops along Jalan Penang (no, not the famous Joo Hooi, that's for the next day).
Char Koay Teow for me (again). You could probably tell my now what is my fav food. :)

Mother-in-law had this...think it's some sort of hor fun.
 After lunch, we came across this shop selling herbs, and groceries...and I bought many packets of Hokkien Mee paste and instant Hokkien Mee noodles. Penang's Hokkien Mee is kinda like our Singapore's Prawn Noodles Soup...just much more flavourful and spicy.

What I bought.

Mother-in-law bought a set of these sofa covers for the seats. She says it is much cheaper here than what she could get in Singapore.

 By now, we were both hot and sweaty and in desperate need for some air-con...and so we walked towards Prangin Shopping mall to spend the next hour (or 2) to cool down and relax. 

Prangin Mall
Both of us loved the snow ice from 1 of the restaurant so much that we returned back again the next day.
Time to head out for dinner. For dinner, I planned to go to Red Garden food center along Jalan Penang since there are many different stalls there. It is also located just next to the Blue Mansion (which we didn't visit).

Red Garden Food center

Located just next to the Blue Mansion

Red Garden Food Center

What I had. Hokkien Mee (I found this stall's noodle not too nice though, since I've had better ones on my past visits to Penang)

Lor Bak 

Mother-in-law had rice with beansprouts and chicken.

 As it started to drizzle after our dinner, so we hurriedly walked back to our hotel and called it a day.

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