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Penang (Sep 2014): Day 4 Penang, Butterworth to KL.

Day 4 (27/9/2014): Penang, Butterworth to KL

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(Itinerary for this day)
Visited Clan Jetties of Penang.
Walked through Lebuh Armenian street.
Had lunch at Joo Hooi Cafe
Shopped at Komtar and Prangin Mall
Took taxi to hotel to collect luggage, then to ferry terminal.
2040-2100 Took ferry to Butterworth
2150-0540 Butterworth station to KL Sentral station

Since our train from Butterworth to KL Sentral is in the night time, so we practically had almost an entire day to spend at Penang before we had to go catch our ferry to Butterworth.

For breakfast, we went to a coffeeshop near our hotel where I finally managed to have a decent bowl of Hokkien Mee (since I wasn't too satisfied with the one which I had for dinner the night before). 

Our Breakfast. I don't take beansprouts and don't like meehoon, so my bowl is a "plainer" version.

 After breakfast, we ended up walking to Chew Jetty where I felt my mother-in-law might like that place...and I was right. She enjoyed the rustic and "kampung" feel of the place. 
Since I wasn't sure where exactly was the entrance to the Chew Jetty, so I followed a group of Japanese tourists whom I assumed were also heading for the same place...and yup, finally managed to find the entrance. :)

The entrance to Chew Jetty 
 Many households are still living here till this day, and often, they sell souvenirs and drinks in front of their home. 
Advisable for you to bring along a hat when u visit Penang since it's pretty hot and humid.

Used to play with these when I was young.

 After visiting the jetty, we just followed the crowd and walked down Lebuh Armenian street. 
Found some street art as well as some pretty interesting shops too.

Muah Chee

Since it was getting closer to the time where we had to check out of our hotel room, so we decided to head back to our hotel for a quick shower before checking out of the room.

Although we could have walked to Joo Hooi Cafe from our hotel, but it would probably take us about 25mins to walk there under the scorching sun. So we took a cab there instead.

Joo Hooi cafe is a popular coffee shop with foreign tourists, and is located along Jalan Penang. Expect long queues (especially for their chendol stall and Char Koay Teow stall) for both food and table.

Chendol stall outside Joo Hooi cafe
Lunch at Joo Hooi cafe

Yeah, it was packed

Char Koay Teow stall

What my mother-in-law had...think it was some sort of meehoon. Can't remember.

Lor Bak (again)

Char Koay Teow for me (yes, again)
 Since we were still planning to look for some souvenirs to buy for my hubby and brother-in-law, so we decided to head for the shopping mall for some light shopping as well as to enjoy the aircon since we have a long overnight train journey ahead of us later in the night.

First, we headed for be honest, between Komtar and Prangin Mall, I prefer Prangin Mall since the shops there had more variety and the building seems newer too.
Back at Prangin Shopping mall.
 We enjoyed the snow ice which we had the previous day so much, that we came back again for a second round. :)
I think this was mango snow ice

Chocolate snow ice. The darker bits tastes like oreo.

My dinner at Prangin mall
 Around 7plus in the evening, we managed to take a taxi from Prangin shopping mall back to our hotel to pick up our luggage, and then head for ferry terminal.
I believe we boarded the ferry around 8:40pm and arrived at Butterworth around 9pm.

Upon arrival at Butterworth train station, we were being directed (follow the directional signs) to a somewhat makeshift waiting area with some seats and toilet facilities to wait for the announcement of the arrival of our train. 
Waiting room at Butterworth train station.
But when the train's departure time starts to approach, we still didn't managed to hear any announcements, so we followed some Malaysian passengers out to see if we could find out our train platform number.  Since my mother-in-law speaks a little malay, so she managed to ask for the platform number from another fellow passenger, so we then went to look for the train platform, where we then managed to board the waiting train. Along the way, I used what little japanese I know to help explain the direction to the train to a Japanese couple who seemed pretty lost. 

It would be morning 5:40am the following morning when we arrive at KL Sentral station.

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