Thursday, December 31, 2015

(Europe Sep 2015) Day 2: Visit Leiden and Brussels. Stay at Brussels

Day 2 (4 Sep 2015): Leiden to Brussels. Stay at Brussels. (Part 2)
-Brussels part-

This day's itinerary:
0815-0900 Stroll around Leiden (Netherlands)
0900-1000 Breakfast at McDonald's
1010-1055 Visit Valk Windmill museum
1105-1115 Visit Supermarket
1120-1155 Had a rest in our hotel room before having to check-out
1220-1253 Leiden Centraal to Rotterdam Centraal via Intercity train (E7.20)
1308-1510 Rotterdam Centraal to Bruxelles Centraal (Brussels, Belgium) via IC train (fares varies, depending on how early you book.  My fare was E30.80)
Visit Brussels (Belgium)

After about 2hrs train ride on an IC train (there's toilet onboard the train), we arrived at Bruxelles Centraal station at Brussels (Belgium).  
There are a few train stations within Brussels city actually, so make sure that you checked which station it is that you really need to get to before you book your train tickets.  

After arriving at Bruxelles Centraal station in Brussels, we walked about 3mins to our hotel near the train station.  
It is a good choice staying near Bruxelles Centraal station since there are many shops and restaurants here. And the area is better (seemed safer too) than the areas near Bruxelles Midi station. 
Of course, the hotels near Bruxelles Centraal station are also usually more expensive than if you stay near Bruxelles Midi station.
The hotel where we stayed for 2 nights. Our room is actually in the middle right at the top floor. Superb view of Brussels city from our room window. 
 Our room:

Looking down from our room window.

View from our room window. Lovely, isn't it?

There's a smurf statue and smurf shop next to our hotel. 
 After depositing our luggage at our hotel room, we headed out and explored the area.

There are soooo many shops selling chocolates and waffles....soooo tempting!!

Next, time for some supermarket shopping.
Whenever I go to a new country, I always love to visit the local supermarket to see what sort of interesting snacks/instant cup noodles/food seasonings they have.
As a chocolate lover, I can say that this trip to the supermarket is probably 1 of the highlight of my visit to Belgium. hahaha.

Cheap and good chocolate products everywhere on the shelves!! 
I had a tough time trying to make up my mind on what to buy.  
Even though we are already back from this trip for nearly 3 months already, yet I still have some packets of chocolates which were bought from this supermarket in my fridge right now. :)

 Singaporeans, you might find this brand somewhat familiar. 
Because I do come across Delhaize's products in NTUC supermarkets here, usually chocolates and chocolate biscuits.  

Check out the range of mousse and puddings!!

Yes. You read it right. It's 19 cents. And it tastes really nice!!


 Feeling hungry after the supermarket shopping, so we decided to buy some fast food and waffles back to our room to eat as a late lunch.
Bought some fast food from here.

And then, time to try some Belgium waffles. 
We absolutely LOVED the waffles from this shop across from our hotel. I think I ate like 4 or 5 waffles from here within 2 days.
This is probably the BEST waffle I've ever eaten in my life!!  Sweet and crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside.
Here's our lunch...
There's cheese, fish, and chicken in the 3 bags in front, and Belgium fries and waffle.
 Here's what we bought from our supermarket shopping. :)

Yup, the 19cents cup of chocolate. :)
 The view from our room was so nice, that we spent some time just looking out of the window and enjoying the view and cool breeze.

The shop where we bought our waffles can be seen in the pic. It's the one with red awning and 2 red umbrella shelters. :)
 After a short nap, we headed out again for a stroll and also to find some dinner.

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  1. hi waiting for you to post the Brussels to bruges trip as I am planning my trip this year too... thanks

  2. Hi Samantha,
    Which hotel did you stay at in Brussels? I couldn't see clearly the words in the picture. Thanks!