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(Europe Sep 2015) Day 3: Visit Bruges. Stay in Brussels.

Day 3 (5 Sep 2015): Visit Bruges (Belgium). Stay in Brussels.

This day's breakdown:
0856-1003 Brussels Central station to Bruges via train
1030-1040 Bus to Bruges Market Square
1110-1200 Had waffles and ice-cream
1200-1330 Walk around Bruges
1330-1440 Visit to Frites Museum
1440-1600 Walk around Bruges, while heading towards train station direction.
1605-1650 Late lunch/early dinner
1708-1815 Bruges to Brussels Central via train
1830 Bought waffles back to our hotel room to eat
Dozed off while watching TV
2345 Woke up while missing Dinner time (again)
2350 Went to buy waffles (again) for supper, since it's like the only shop still open.

Today, we took a 1hr train to visit Bruges in Belgium. 
Train fare was around 14.10 Euros per pax for 1 way I think. 

Brussels Central train station

Inside Brussels Central station

1hr train from Brussels to Bruges.  There's toilets onboard the train.

Arrival at Bruges

Capsule toy dispensers

From Bruges train station, you can either take a bus (about 5-10mins), or walk (about 15mins-20mins) to reach the old town (Market Square).

Queueing to buy bus ticket.

Alighting the bus
I really enjoyed this place alot. Many waffle shops and chocolate shops. :)
If you like taking photos, this town is a lovely place for photography opportunities. 
The city centre is also a UNESCO World Heritage site actually.

There was a queue to enter and go up the tower, so we decided to skip it.

Feeling a tad hungry, so we had brunch at a cafe overlooking the market square.

hmm...I prefer the waffle at the shop opposite my hotel back at Brussels though :p

There are MANY chocolate shops here. We entered a chocolate shop near the Friet museum which sells many cute looking chocolates.  

Yes, these are chocolates.

Since the weather looked like it was about to rain, so we had a quick walk around the old town to take photos before heading for the Friet museum. 

Friet museum
Admission was 7 Euros per pax I think.

There is an area at the basement of Friet museum which sells fries.

By the time we left the Friet museum, the rain has more or less stopped.  
We started to stroll towards the train station direction.

Since our last meal was waffle + icecream and croissant in the late morning, so it's time for some food since it's already 4pm. 
Had late lunch/early dinner here.
Total cost for our late lunch was 27.50 Euros (Shrimp croquettes + Beef Stew & fries + Hot Chocolate + Raspberry wine).  

Time to return back to Brussels, so we head for Bruges train station to buy train tickets and take the train.

Upon arriving back at Brussels, the first thing we did was to buy some waffles from the shop opposite our hotel (again).  
2 Euros for ice-cream + 2 Euros for the waffles.

This is heaven...

Loved the view out from our window.

The waffle shop...
We wanted to just take a short nap before heading out to look for dinner.
But what actually happened was that we overslept (again) and woke up nearly midnight!!
With nearly all shops already closed, so our dinner was...guess what?...WAFFLES again!! 
Our dinner/supper.

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