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(Europe Sep 2015) Day 13: Visit Prague (Czech Republic)

Day 13 (15 Sep 2015): Visit Prague. Stay at Prague (Czech Republic)

This day's schedule:
0455-1130 Munich to Prague via train (train was delayed by about 30mins)
1230-1330 Lunch at KFC
1330-1730 Walk around old town and visit Charles Bridge
1745-2015 Rested at hotel room 
2030-2130 Dinnner

Since our train to Prague departs from Munich at 0455hr in the morning, so we only had a few hours of sleep before having to wake up and check out of our hotel.  Even though it was so early in the morning, but Burger King as well as a few bakeries were opened at Munich station.  
We were able to buy some breakfast and drinks from Munich station for our 6hrs train ride to Prague.

Munich train station early in the morning around 0430am

Burger King was already opened

There's a small snacks shop at Munich station, near the Burger Kings, and they just opened for the day and we were their first customer.

We bought some snacks and drinks here.

After buying our supplies, we boarded the train towards Prague.
Our 0455am train is the 1st train of the day, and the train is a direct train to Prague without having to transfer to other trains.
We bought the train tickets for this train from the Czech Republic's train website, since it costs cheaper than buying from the German train's website. We paid about 19 Euros (per pax) for this train's fare.

The train's seatings are in separate compartments of 6 seats per compartment. We were lucky enough that we had the entire compartment to ourselves for most of the journey.
The train have toilets, but no air-conditioning.  But since the weather was fine and we were able to open the top part of the window for the wind, so it didn't really bothered us much.  

Our luggage on the overhead racks just above our seats

After around 6hrs of train journey, we finally arrived at Prague.

The train which we took
 We then walked to our hotel located just opposite Prague train station to deposit our luggage.
The hotel where we stayed.
 And then, we headed out to look for lunch.

By now, we were famished after our long train ride, we didn't felt like spending more time to walk around to look for a place to have our lunch, so we just went with the most convenient...which was KFC.
The food in the box is Thai style chicken with rice.  The chicken with the sauce was pretty nice, but I didn't like the rice. 
 After lunch, it's time to take a walk around Prague.

Since I couldn't find toilet, so I went to a nearby McDonald's toilet (chargeable).
The outdoor seating area of McDonald's

We finally arrived at the old town area of Prague.  There were many tourists around here.

The famous Prague Astronomical Clock

After leaving the old town square, we walked towards the famous Charles Bridge, which is just a short 10mins walk from old town square.

That's the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Walking on Charles Bridge

Later on, we will be climbing to the top of this tower (chargeable) 

Stalls on Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge

Paying to go up the tower on Charles Bridge.  
Ticket to go up the tower at Charles Bridge

Finally arrived at the top of the tower. Took us awhile to climb up all the steps.

Great view from the top.

After we were done with visiting Charles Bridge, we walked through Old Town square again to head back to our hotel.  The walk from Charles Bridge to our hotel (located opposite Prague train station) took us about 20mins, that's assuming you don't get lost in the many small alleyways.


 We finally arrived back at our hotel, and we took a short nap before heading out in the evening to look for dinner.

Had our dinner at this Czech restaurant

The portion for Pork Schnitzel was soo huge. I was only able to eat about half of the portion.

What my husband had. Lamb knee with chantarell (well, that's what it says on the receipt) 
Total costs for this dinner is 965 CZK (1 lamb knee, 1 pork schnitzel, 1 pepsi, 1 radler), which is about SGD54 or 36 Euros.

After dinner, we walked back to our hotel since we were pretty tired by then.
Our room

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