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(Europe Sep 2015) Day 9: Visit Murren. Stay at Murren

Day 9 (11 Sep 2015): Visit Murren. Stay at Murren (Switzerland)

This day's schedule:
1047-1110 Lauterbrunnen to Murren via cablecar + train
1130 check in to hotel at Murren
1200-1400 Walked around Murren and taking in the view
1430-1600 Husband went paragliding (CHF170) while I strolled around the village and relaxed in our room enjoying the view 
1600-1830 Relaxing in our room enjoying the view from our balcony
1900-2045 Dinner at the restaurant at Hotel Bellevue (CHF69)

After we checked out of the hostel at Lauterbrunnen, we walked to the cablecar base station just opposite Lauterbrunnen train station to take the cable car up to be able to transfer to another train to reach Murren.

Bye bye our hostel at Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen train station

a kiosk selling snacks and drinks at Lauterbrunnen train station

Waiting for the cablecar

View from the cable car ride

transferring to the train at the end of the cable car ride.

a retro train, with big windows, not much space above the seats to put big luggage bags, and no toilets.
 There's lovely views during both the cable car and train ride to Murren.

Arrival at the train station at Murren


lockers at Murren station

snack and drinks vending machine at Murren station
Murren station.

Just outside Murren station

Really lovely views

Our hotel at Murren
 After a short 3mins walk from Murren train station, we arrived at our hotel for the night, Hotel Alpina.  The reason we booked this hotel is due to its breathtaking view from the room's balcony.

Our room

view from our room's balcony

our balcony

mini fridge in our room.  Not all the rooms we stayed during the Europe trip had mini fridge in the room.
My husband managed to reserve a paragliding session for the afternoon through our hotel's front desk.  Since we had some time to kill until he had to go for the session, we took a leisurely stroll through the town.

Singapore Restaurant? 
 Murren was 1 of my favourite destination during our Europe trip.  I liked that there's no cars in the village (since you cannot drive up here) and I didn't see any big tour groups around here too.  It's a quiet and peaceful village with clean air and breathtaking views.

Walking to the paragliding take-off spot

Here's my husband doing paragliding.
My hubby and his instructor just after take-off

And they are paragliding over Murren and down to the valley 

 So, while my husband's out paragliding, I took a slow stroll back to our hotel, and stopped by the small supermarket along the way to buy some drinks and snacks.

The only supermarket at Murren

The supermarket's opening hours

what I bought
watching anime (Kuroko no Basuke) at my room's balcony while waiting for my husband to be back from his paragliding session

Time for dinner. We went to a restaurant at another hotel (Hotel Bellevue I think) to have our dinner.
This dinner costs us around CHF69.

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