Tuesday, May 10, 2016

(Japan Feb 2016) Day 1: Singapore to Osaka.

(Day 1) 17 Feb 2016: Singapore to Osaka. Stay at Osaka

Brief schedule for this day:
1405-2120 Singapore to Osaka Kansai Airport via Singapore Airlines 
Cleared immigration at the airport, bought Kintetsu Railpass, and then went to JR office to buy Haruka Express + ICOCA package, and also to exchange the voucher for our JR railpass. 
2216-2308 Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka station via Ltd Exp Haruka Express train (last train)
Shin-Osaka to Umeda via Subway Midosuji line (240yen, 6 mins)
2330 Checked in at our hotel near Umeda station.
Headed out to nearby convenience store to buy some supper 

Ok, am finally done with uploading the photos for the Europe trip, and can now start uploading this Japan trip's photos. 

In-flight meal onboard SQ flight

Dessert onboard the flight
Since we only have a small window of time between our flight's arrival and the closing time for the counter that sells Kintetsu railpass at Kansai airport, so we made sure to dash through the way from the plane all the way to immigration area, so that there won't be as much of a queue at immigration area when we arrive there.  And we were right. :)

Luckily for us, our luggage came out pretty fast too, so were able to barely make it to the counter just before they close for the day. :)

Since the JR ticketing office closes later, so that's where we head for next, where we we bought the Haruka Express train + ICOCA package, and also used the voucher which we bought in Singapore to exchange for our 7 days JR railpass.

We then caught the last Haruka Express train of the day from Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka station.

Since this is my first trip to Japan after I got to know more about the various Johnny & Associates male idol groups (SMAP, Arashi, Kinki Kids, Hey! Say! JUMP...etc...), so I tend to keep a lookout for advertisements and tv programs that involves them on this trip since I'm finally able to recognise their faces now.  Back on my previous trips, I was only able to recognise SMAP, Kinki Kids, and Matsumoto Jun from Arashi.  

 And so, once we arrived at Shin-Osaka subway station, the first Johnny's idol I saw was SMAP's Nakai-kun. :) 

After arriving at Shin-Osaka station via the Haruka Express train, we had to walk to the other end of the station building to reach the subway station, so that we can take a short 6 mins subway ride to Umeda station, where our hotel is located at.

My husband, my cousin R, and her husband PW, waiting for the subway to arrive at Shin-Osaka station.
 After arriving at Umeda station, it took us awhile to locate the correct exit, since it was nearly midnight and many of the underpass's exits were closed.  
After about 20mins or so, we finally were able to make our way to our hotel for the first 4 nights of this trip.

 After depositing our luggage in our rooms, we headed out again to buy some supper back to our room to eat.  
Ahh, how I missed Japan's convenience stores...

For most of my Japan trips, the very first meal which I usually have upon arriving at Japan is Katsudon. :)

Katsudon. :)

Japan, ただいま (I'm back) !!   :)


  1. Great post, thanks so much for sharing. The on-board flight meal looks pretty good!

  2. Great post, thanks so much for sharing. The on-board flight meal looks pretty good!

  3. Hi, I'm flying to Kaisai airport in a few days. Could I check with you where is the JR ticketing office at Kansai Airport (to buy both the Haruka+Icoca package and exchange voucher for the Jr pass)? Thanks!

    1. The JR ticketing office is located just opposite the entrance to the JR station at Kansai airport. Just follow the signs to go towards the trains, and you should see the JR ticketing office.

  4. Hey Sam, back in Japan again I see ;) I dunno if you remember me, but I asked for your advice on the JR pass usage back in 2014 (I think) and it helped me a lot!

    I was in Tokyo for New Year's and then went to Osaka & Kanazawa area for a week approximately two weeks ago! One of these days we're bound to meet each other I think :P

    Can't wait to see the rest of your photos :)

    1. Hi :)
      Yeah, I've actually bumped into readers of my blog during my Japan trip actually.
      I'm not sure when will my next Japan trip be though. Am hoping for 1 for later this year, but nothing's confirmed yet.

      I'm currently sorting out the photos for Day 3 of the trip, hoping to post Day 3 some time this week.

  5. hi Samatha,
    Excellent blog, thanks for sharing
    Will be travelling to Osaka this Sept from SIN in SQ same as you arriving at 930PM, to catch the last train at 1016pm to Shin Osaka or Osaka station, it is only app 55mins gap. I suppose it is very challenging for us as first timer right ? need to find out the ticket counter and train station. if we missed this train, what is alternative route ? appreciate your reply

    1. You can either take the Nankai airport express train (to either Namba or ShinImamiya station in Osaka city) and then transfer subway to whichever station near to your hotel, OR you can also take the JR Kansai Airport rapid service train to Osaka station. Both lines have trains running even after the last Haruka Express train departs from Kansai airport.

  6. Hi Sam, we will be travelling japan for the first time on next month.

    we are very confused on the disposal of rubbish, especially women's waste - sanitary pad).

    could you please share with us your experiences?

    Thank you

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