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(Japan Feb 2016) Day 4: Visit Miyajima.

(Day 4) 20 Feb 2016: Visit Miyajima. Stay Osaka

Brief schedule for this day:
0650-0821 Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima via Shinkansen
0837-0906 Hiroshima to Miyajimaguchi via JR Sanyo line train
0925 Miyajimaguchi to Miyajima via JR Ferry
Visit Miyajima + lunch
1425 Miyajima to Miyajimaguchi via JR Ferry
1451-1519 Miyajimaguchi to Hiroshima via JR Sanyo line train
Bought some food from Hiroshima station
1617-1742 Hiroshima to Shin-Osaka via Shinkansen
Shopped at Disneystore
Dinner Kushikatsu
Shopped Don Quijote

While usually I'd not really recommend visiting Miyajima on just a daytrip, since there's not enough time to visit Miyajima and Hiroshima within just a single day.  
But since my husband and I have already visited Miyajima and Hiroshima on 1 of our earlier trips, so we decided to just pop by Miyajima for a quick visit since my husband liked the oysters there. 

Since it's a gloomy rainy day today, so I decided to just leave my DSLR in my hotel room and just rely on compact camera and mobile phone's camera instead. 

This day also marks the start of our 7 days JR railpass usage period.
 In the morning, we took an early Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Hiroshima, where we then transferred to JR Sanyo line's train to Miyajimaguchi station. 

 The ferry that heads for Miyajima is just a short 5mins walk from Miyajimaguchi station.  
If you are using a JR railpass, remember to take the JR Ferry, since there are 2 ferry companies here.  
The JR Ferry is free for those with JR Railpass.

 Around halfway through the 15mins or so ferry ride, you can see the red torii gate from afar. 

The tourist info counter at the ferry terminal at Miyajima will have this sign that indicates the tides information for the day.  

Since it's raining, so we didn't really see as much deers roaming around as compared to our previous trip.  Most of the deers we encountered on this day were simply just standing under shelters.

We stayed at this hotel at Miyajima on our previous trip.  

We bought these cute pouches for our mothers.

Time for oysters. 

Next up, a visit to Itsukishima Shrine.

We bought the one with custard filling.

Ahh, our favourite honey soft-serve ice-cream!!
 Time to head back to Osaka for some more shopping, since it's gonna be our last evening at Osaka.

Bought some food during our transfer at Hiroshima station.  There's a supermarket selling food at the basement of the shopping mall just outside Hiroshima station.

After arriving back at Osaka station, we went to Disney store at HEP 5 shopping building, and a 300yen store (also inside HEP 5), and then went for kushikatsu dinner near our hotel.

3 coins - 300yen store.





We had Kushikatsu dinner at this shop. This photo was taken the next morning, which is why the shop looks closed in the photo.
 Kushikatsu are fried skewers.  Pork, quail egg, seafood, chicken...etc....
People who likes fried food will love kushikatsu :)

After dinner, I went to Don Quijote store again for some light shopping before heading back to hotel.

Here's what I bought on this day.
Sock and some insoles (again)

Cute rice scoop

Metal tsum tsum box with some corn snacks inside. 

Cute pouches 

Got these from Don Quijote.  

 Miyajima themed Haikyuu clear folder 

What my husband bought from 1 of the gift shops at Hiroshima station.

End of Day 4

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