Sunday, October 30, 2016

(Japan Feb 2016) Day 11: Visit Kyoto.

(Day 11) 27 Feb 2016: Visit Kyoto. Kyoto to Singapore

This is the last day of this trip.  We spent the day exploring Arashiyama area in Kyoto before heading to Kansai airport in the evening to catch our flight back to Singapore.

Cousin R and PW chose to do a Kimono dress-up for this day, and so we went to a kimono rental shop opposite Kyoto station in the morning before we head off to explore Arashiyama.
There are quite a number of kimono rental stores in Kyoto actually, so it's easy to google them online (many have english websites) and make reservations before you go to Japan. 

This is how this particular kimono rental store that we went to look like.

Hairstyle options for female

Cousin R doing up her hair
 Next, we took a short train ride from Kyoto station to Fushimi Inari Shrine.  I've been to this place almost every time I come to Kyoto, since it is convenient to go.  

Cousin R and PW :)

After Fushimi Inari, we then headed towards Arashiyama

We had to transfer to JR Sagano line at Kyoto station to get to Saga-Arashiyama station. 

From JR Saga-Arashiyama station, it is about 7mins walk to the bamboo grove.

I was playing photographer for Cousin R and PW the whole day. haha.

Me and hubby

From Arashiyama station (not JR Saga-Arashiyama station), we took a tram to Kurumazaki-jinja mae station to let me have a quick visit to Kurumazaki-jinja Shrine (located just opposite the station). 
This is a shrine for entertainment industry.  Many Japanese artistes/entertainers/performers/idols will make a small donation and have their names up at the shrine.  You might find your favourite Japanese artiste/idols' names up if you take a stroll through the shrine.  
(Too bad I wasn't able to find any Hey! Say! JUMP members' names...and only saw Kis-My-Ft2's Senga's name on it)

Heading back to Arashiyama to transfer to the JR train back to Kyoto station.

After arriving back at Kyoto station, Cousin R and PW went to return the kimono rental clothes, and then we went to collect our luggage from our hotel and also bought some dinner to eat on our train ride to the airport.

Since the foldup table onboard the Haruka Express train to Kansai Airport is pretty small, so we made sure to buy food/bento that is not too large sized.

Watching Arashi ni Shiyagare while waiting to board our flight at the airport.

In-flight meal (breakfast)

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  1. The best post!! The way you explanations, hat off!!, your time consuming research in post is much appreciated. Keep it up!

  2. you have stopped blogging for awhile

  3. Hi Samantha

    Really enjoy reading your articles, it's fun & detailed.
    As this is gg to be my first trip to Japan, and travelling with my 3 children (24 / 21 / 15), I really hope this will turn out to be a memorable ones.
    We are going in the mid month of Dec, arriving from Narita & departing from Haneda.
    I'll be residing for the entire trip and stay for 8 nights at Tokyo, at one place known as Kodenmacho subway which is quite near to Tokyo station.
    Now question is besides visiting places around Central/West Tokyo, thought of covering some day trips near Tokyo such as Lake Kawaguchiko / Hakone / Disneysea / Gala Yuzawa / Kawagoe / Omiya / Yokohama.
    Now I am confuse with what type of JR pass I should get for the entire trip transportation starting from arrival till departure.
    Can you help me with this and maybe suggest some itinerary?
    Thank you in advance for your precious time in reading this.