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(Japan Oct 2016) Day 1 and 2: Arrival at Tokyo, and then head for Nagoya.

Day 1 (30 Sep 2016) and Day 2 (1 Oct): 
Arrival at Tokyo, and then head for Nagoya. 

Soooooo sorry for my long absence from this travelblog.  I have photos from 2 Japan trips (Oct 2016 and Feb 2017) that are still on queue to be posted soon. 
Hopefully I can finish uploading them before I head off for my Japan trip in May 2017.

My memory is kinda hazy for the details of this Oct 2016's Japan trip, since it happened like half a year ago. :)

Day 1: Singapore to Tokyo Haneda via Singapore Airlines flight.  Stay at Tokyo (Ueno) 
We arrived at Haneda at night, and took the train to Ueno to check in to our hotel near Ueno station.

Taking train from Haneda Airport
 We have stayed at this hotel near Ueno station during 1 of our previous trips with my bro and cousin R and PW, so I've liked its close proximity to the train station.  The room was small but comfortable.  

After checking in, we head out to nearby convenience store to look for some supper.  
As usual, my first meal of the trip is Katsudon (again). :)

Day 2: Tokyo to Nagoya.  Stay at Nagoya (JR railpass day 1)

We took a short Shinkansen ride in the early morning from Ueno to Tokyo station, and then Shinkansen again from Tokyo to Nagoya station.

The weather was cloudy, so we weren't able to see Mt Fuji during the train ride.
 After checking in our luggage at the hotel near Nagoya station, we head out to catch pokemon as well as to get some lunch. 
(Yes, catching a Far'fetched was 1 of our main objectives for this trip. lol)
Our room at Nagoya

Guess where we are headed for lunch? :)
 Yup, it is our favourite crab restaurant, Kani-honke!! 
We usually eat at their Hokkaido's Sapporo outlet, but since they have an outlet at Nagoya, so we usually tend to have at least 1 meal here every time we stopover at Nagoya.
Crab cream croquette

Our lunch. All crab

Breaded Crab
 After lunch, I headed for a nearby bookstore located in a building near Nagoya station to look for some japanese magazines (much cheaper to buy in Japan than from Singapore's Kinokuniya). 
While taking the escalator up to the bookstore, I noticed that there's a One Piece store at the same building too!!!

Not going to bore you guys with photos of my jpop idol magazines, so gonna skip that entirely for now. 
Here are the pics from my visit to the One Piece store.

Came across a CD store, and located Hey! Say! JUMP's corner under the Johnny's section (that even has a separator for the group Ya-Ya-yah!! But their single was already sold out)

Ok, back to strolling around Nagoya.

Bought some of these instant porridge packs from Tokyu Hands at Nagoya station.
Since miso katsu is 1 of the recommended food speciality for Nagoya, so we decided to go to 1 of the popular miso katsu restaurants (Yabaton) near Nagoya station for our dinner.  
It is located at a underpass shopping street near the Shinkansen exit of Nagoya station.

There's usually a queue in front of the restaurant since it is popular with locals and tourists.

What I had
What he had.  

Inside the sauce katsu restaurant.

We actually spotted a Far'fetched near Nagoya station on this day, and we dashed like mad to try to catch it (it was back in the days when Pokemon usually disappears after 15mins or so, not the current 30mins).  But we missed it since we weren't familiar with the small alleyways.  Grrrr.  

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