Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 1: Singapore to Sapporo

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 1: Singapore to Sapporo
We took JAL this time, and had to transit at Tokyo Narita Airport before finally arriving at Shin-Chitose Airport at Hokkaido.

JAL, while their in-flight entertainment is better than my previous trip's Cathay, however I didn't like the seats on JAL flights. Too narrow and the seat is not comfortable.   

This trip had 3 main highlights: 
1, to experience snow during winter in Hokkaido.
2, to experience overnight train Twilight Express from Hokkaido to Osaka (22hrs).
3, to go to One Piece theme exhibits in Huis Ten Bosch at Kyushu.

Yes, I bought new clothes for her specially for this trip. 

Since we had a 2 hours transit at Tokyo Narita airport, so we went to the JR office at Narita airport to exchange for our JR pass and also to book the Overnight train Twilight Express for our Day 9 since it's a very popular train.
JR office at Tokyo Narita Airport

Had a light meal at Narita Airport

Baggage carousel at Shin-Chitose airport at Hokkaido

Chisun Inn Sapporo Hotel (8000yen per night during Sapporo Snow fest season)

view from our room's window

Supper from 7-11

Hubby ordered a 30days Data SIM card (U300) from bMobile website and arranged to have it delivered to Chisun Inn Hotel so that he can activate it and start using for our Japan trip. Yey to WiFi!! 


  1. Hi! I noticed that you guys booked the Twilight Express at the JR office at the Tokyo Narita Airport. I was wondering if you were able to collect it straightaway? I was planning to have someone in Japan call and book the tickets for me because my husband and I want to get the Royal suite, but we were wondering if we could get the tickets at the Narita airport. Many thanks!

    1. we were able to book and collect our tickets for the Twilight Express on the spot upon making the booking at the JR office. However I would also like to point out to you that the chances of you being able to get the Royal suite is extremely low, because Twilight Express by itself is already 1 of the most popular trains in Japan, plus there's only 1 train running on alternate days (except for peak seasons where it will run everyday), and also popular rooms like the Royal suite usually gets booked by the Japanese online within seconds of it being made available for booking online. You would be lucky if you were able to book a normal cabin onboard the Twilight Express, since we are only able to book them upon arriving at Japan.

      You should also plan for a backup plan, just in case you are not able to get any cabin for the Twilight Express. It is said to be easier to book the trip from Hokkaido to Osaka, rather than the more popular Osaka to Hokkaido direction. Not sure why, but that's what I heard from online somewhere. Also avoid weekends.