Monday, March 26, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 7: Lake Toya

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 7: Lake Toya

We took the train from Tomamu to Minami Chitose station (we we only had 1 minute to transfer to the other train, cuz our Tomamu to Minami Chitose train was being delayed slightly due to snow) and then another train from Minami Chitose to Toya station.

This is our 2nd time to Lake Toya, and we stayed at the same hotel (Toya Kanko hotel) this time round as well. Hubby didn't liked Noboribetsu's sulphur smell, so we decided to just go to Lake Toya on this trip.

Lobby of Tomamu station. Note that there's no escalators nor elevators at this station, so you have to be able to lug your luggage up and down the stairs on your own. 

Train arriving at Tomamu station

Lake Toya onsen town. Seems like it's a "warm" day (4 degrees) so the snow started to melt.

Ate at this little cafe
Curry fried rice

Outdoor foot bath area

Hubby's footprints

My foot print

My feeble attempt at making a snowman. Haha.

Our room at Toya Kanko Hotel

View from our room

Lovely view from our room

Scrumptious dinner served in our room


  1. Hi Sam, when you book Toya Kanko Hotel from Japanican, did you choose the

    a) Japanese-style Room + 2meals per night (dinner, breakfast) or
    b) Japanese-style Room - Room Meal Plan + 2meals per night (dinner, breakfast) ?

    I would like to check if plan a dinner is also in the room. tks!

  2. My plan includes half board (breakfast and dinner). I didn't need to manually add the meals in.
    However, considering that this trip was a few years ago, so I'd assume that they would have already increased their prices by now.

  3. Thank you, I am just not sure if i were to choose plan a, which does not have Room Meal Plan in the wordings, our dinner will be in the restaurant instead of in the room.

  4. Hi, I plan to travel on this Jan 2015.
    Arrv Sapporo (2 night) to Lake Toya(one night) to Tomamu (2 nights) depart to airport.
    - how long it take frm Toya to Tomamu ?
    - As this is my first experience for winter/snow. I don't even hv any winter dress. Can I get it frm Rera Outlet once i arrv Sapporo. Cos i hear that it's much more cheaper & more variety in Japan compare to Malaysia.
    - Transport : using JR 5 days pass
    Greatly appreciate if u cld help to give yr value comment/ suggestion.
    Many tks.

    1. Use hyperdia website to check train duration/schedules.
      The train station near Lake Toya is "Toya(JR-Muroran)" and Tomamu is "Tomamu" on the website.

      It is about 200mins journey from Toya station to Tomamu (with trainsfer at Minami-Chitose).

      I've not been to Rera Outlet before, so I can't really advise much about this.

      Sapporo's temp should be close to zero degrees in Jan.
      Yes, there's more variety for winterwear in Japan than in our region (Singapore/Malaysia).
      But I'd still advise you to wear 1 set go, then maybe get extra outfits (tops, scarf, beanie) from Japan. That's if you intend to do your winterwear shopping at Japan.