Monday, March 26, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 8: Hakodate (Part 1)

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 8: Hakodate (Part 1)
Took the hotel's van to get to Toya station. From there, we took a train to Hakodate station.
We were surprised that although Hakodate is located at southern Hokkaido, however since it's near the sea, so it's actually very cold and very windy.  Streets are slippery as well, so remember to get the spiked sole attachments from convenience shops.

hotel staffs waving our flags

our luggage

Train arrives at Toya station

Hakodate station

Waiting for tram to Goryokaku 

fares table

Walking to Goryokaku Tower

Goryokaku Tower

Fees for the ride up to the top of the Tower

Lovely view of Fort Goryokaku

Entrance fees to the Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden

Hubby is forever banging his head when he goes to Japan. Look at the height of the door.

The Tropical Botanical Garden



  1. Hi Sam,

    Great pictures! How was the "monkey onsen park" at the tropical botanical garden? Were you able to get close to the monkeys? Noted that you will be going to another monkey park in Nagano in your next trip. Would you share how the two parks are different?


  2. Thank you.
    The monkeys are actually in an open-air enclosure so you cannot get up close to them like the ones at Nagano. Kinda like a zoo, but with a hotspring for them. I didn't really liked it much though.
    Even without going to the one at Nagano, I am pretty sure that I will prefer the one at Nagano...since it's actually wildlife monkeys (not kept in captivity) over there and based on the online live cams, you can get really up close to them.