Monday, March 26, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 9: Hakodate + overnight train Twilight Express (Part 1)

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 9: Hakodate + overnight train Twilight Express (Part 1)
We went to the morning market near Hakodate station in the morning (well, late morning to be exact since we overslept) for the hubby to have his usual Salmon Ikura don. 
After that, we walked (quite a long walk, took about 15-20mins) to the Old Bricks Warehouse shopping mall, where I found a shop that sells quite alot of carebear products.

After leaving Old Bricks Warehouse, we took a tram back to our hotel and we bought some lunch from the supermarket next to our hotel so that we can eat on the train.

Since Twilight Express doesn't stop at Hakodate station, so we had to take a trip back to Toya station to board Twilight Express train. This Twilight Express train is an overnight train that travels between Osaka to Sapporo and the entire journey takes about 22hours, which makes it the longest train journey in Japan.  Although we have the 7day JR pass, however we still need to pay for the cabin and express surcharges (about SGD300+ for 2 pax in a cabin). I know that it's faster to take a plane, however I've always wanted to take an overnight train with cabin, and slowly enjoy the countryside scenery at a leisurely pace. Love the train!

Morning market at Hakodate. 

Hubby picked this place

After the morning market, we started our stroll towards the Old Bricks Warehouses

And we are here.

Old Bricks Warehouses. These buildings are actually shopping malls with shops and restaurants

Carebear outfit for Dogs

R2D2 ice cube maker

These are really cute....I bought 1 :)

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