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Japan (Nov2011) Day 4: Tokyo

Japan (Nov2011) Day 4: Tokyo
Went to Harajuku in the morning. Since the street sells mostly female fashion, so I left Dad and bro at Daiso while I go shopping :).  After Harajuku, we went to Shinjuku but we didn't really liked that place so we then headed to Shibuya (again) for dinner before I had to leave them to catch the 10pm overnight train (Sunrise Seto) from Tokyo station (to Okayama the next morning).

Harajuku station


Takeshita Dori (opposite Harajuku station)

saw this lady pushing a large playpen on wheels at Harajuku with 3 kids inside.


The above 2 pics (carebear products) are sold at the basement of this shop on Takeshita Dori.

Dad and his Daiso purchases


Shibuya again

My bro wanted to try out Shinkansen, so I brought him along to take 1 station (from Shinagawa to Tokyo station).  
 I left my bro at Tokyo station to let him make his own way back to Shinagawa station while I went to look for the platform to board my overnight train (Sunrise Seto). Since this is the 1st day of my 7day JR pass, so I was able to use the pass for this train for free.
Sunrise Seto.

Open bunk beds

My compartment on the lower bunk.

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