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Japan (Nov2011) Day 6: Shin-Osaka to Gotemba

Japan (Nov2011) Day 6: Shin-Osaka to Gotemba
Yes, I know. Why did I go from Tokyo, down south to Okayama, and then up north to Gotemba again? 
2 main reasons: 1, my cousin could only meet me on that particular day. 2, Grinpa themepark is closed on this day so I can only visit the following day.  Grinpa themepark is where the Sylvanian Families themepark is located at.

Therefore on the morning of this day, I took Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka to Mishima, then local train from Mishima to Numazu, and then Ltd Exp train from Numazu to Gotemba.

Mt Fuji...being blocked by clouds on both days I was at Gotemba.

transferring to the Ltd Exp Odakyu train at Numazu.

Ltd Exp train, from Numazu to Gotemba. 

Finally arrived at Gotemba station

train schedules

Mt Fuji biscuit

There's 2 exits at Gotemba station. Go Mt Fuji side exit for the hotel & bus terminal, whereas go to Hakone side exit to take shuttle bus to Gotemba Premium Outlet.

I bought my Grinpa bus tickets + admission tix package from this counter at the bus terminal next to Gotemba station.

Bus terminal at Gotemba station

The hotel I stayed at, just opposite Gotemba station

After depositing my bags at the hotel, I went to take shuttle bus to Gotemba Premium Outlets

The bus stop for the Gotemba Premium outlet's shuttle bus

Crumpler camera bag, at Nikon store

Many shoppers brings their dogs along for shopping

I was bored waiting for shuttle bus to depart, so I took a pic of myself 

My room at Gotemba

The view from my room at the hotel. The building in front is the Gotemba train station.

View of Mt Fuji from the hotel's rooftop. 

Pink Pepsi

Dinner time
 I had dinner at a small ramen shop at the Gotemba train station. 

Wanton Miso Ramen 

The ramen shop

My hotel room package is a ladies' package, so it comes with this bag of goodies

These are inside the bag.

My return bus tickets between Gotemba station & Grinpa, and Grinpa admission ticket's voucher.

8 degrees, in Nov. 

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