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Japan (Nov2011) Day7: Grinpa (Part 1)

Japan (Nov2011) Day7: Grinpa (Sylvanian Families themepark)

I've posted some directions on how to go to Grinpa on this other forum:

**Remember, Grinpa themepark doesn't operate every day, so please check the themepark's operating schedule when you plan for your trip to avoid disappointment in realising the park is closed when you arrive.
Grinpa website:

Also, if you plan on buying Sylvanian Families (or Ultraman) products at Grinpa, please remember to bring enough cash (Japanese yen) because they don't accept credit cards at the themepark.

My guide on how to get to Grinpa 
(please link back to my blog if you are to use these directions for your own blogpost/forum)
(bus timings and fares are based on Dec 2013 when I typed out this blog post, so you might want to recheck and verify these details when you plan your trip in the event that the bus operators change their timings/fares):

(From Tokyo to Gotemba station)
(Bus option)
Take bus from Shinjuku to Gotemba station 
Bus fare costs 1630yen. 
You could technically take the 0700hr bus which departs Shinjuku and arrive Gotemba station at 0840hr just in time to catch the 0900hr bus from Gotemba station to Grinpa. However I feel that doing so is kinda risky. Because if there's any delay in traffic conditions for the 0700hr bus from Shinjuku to Gotemba, and you will missed the 1 and only bus departure timing for Gotemba to Grinpa. Which is why I'd rather stay overnight near Gotemba station so that I can catch the 0900hr bus to Grinpa the next morning.
(Train option)
Take JR Tokaido line from Tokyo station to Kozu (about 75mins journey) then transfer to the JR Gotemba line at Kozu station to go to Gotemba station (about 60mins journey). Train fare from Tokyo station to Gotemba station is 1890yen if you avoid taking Ltd Exp trains because those are more expensive.
(For train timings, you can use Type "Tokyo" for the From field, and "Kozu(Kanagawa)" for the To field. Once you get the search results, scroll down to the bottom of the page and untick the options for Airplane, Airport Shuttle Bus, Bullet train, Nozomi/Mizuho/Hayabusa, Liner, Sleeper Limited Express, Sleeper Express, Private Railway. Then click Search button again.)
There is only 1 train every hourly for the JR Gotemba line between Kozu to Gotemba, so please check train timings when planning your trip.
The train frequency for the JR Tokaido line is more frequent though, with about 1 train every 15mins.

(From Gotemba station to Grinpa)
Go to the Bus terminal counter just outside Gotemba station's "Mt Fuji" exit to buy the Grinpa package. This package costs consists of Grinpa admission ticket as well as a return bus fare between Gotemba station and Grinpa. This package costs 3600yen for adults, 2350yen for children, 2900yen for those 55yrs and above.
御殿場駅 = Gotemba station,  ぐりんぱ = Grinpa
The bus journey between Gotemba station and Grinpa takes about 50mins. No toilet onboard bus.
The bus from Gotemba station to Grinpa departs at 0900hr at Gotemba station and arrives Grinpa at 0950hr.
Very important to note, there is only 1 bus departure timing from Gotemba to Grinpa daily, so don't miss this timing. 
Buses are extremely punctual in Japan, so please be at the bus stop early to wait for the bus. 
For buses in Japan, you board from the back door and alight from the front door.
Remember to ask the driver when you board the bus to check if you are on the correct bus, because I very nearly boarded the wrong bus when waiting at Gotemba station.
Taxi from Gotemba to Grinpa is going to be extremely expensive since it's not a short ride, therefore just take the bus. 
See my previous post for pics of the bus terminal at Gotemba station:

(From Grinpa to Gotemba station)
The bus from Grinpa to Gotemba station departs at 1630hr at Grinpa and arrives Gotemba station at 1718hr. There is only this bus departure timing from Grinpa to Gotemba, so don't miss it.
Since Grinpa is located at the base of Mt Fuji, so it is almost impossible to find waiting cabs from Grinpa. I didn't see any cab at all during my 40mins wait for bus at the bus stop at Grinpa. Therefore, just take the bus.

(From Gotemba station to Tokyo)
(Bus option)
Take bus from Shinjuku to Gotemba station (Bus timings and fares Bus fare costs 1630yen. 
(Train option)
Take JR Gotemba line from Gotemba station to Kozu station. There is only about 1 train every hourly.
At Kozu station, transfer to the JR Tokaido line to Tokyo station. There's about 1 train every 15mins for this line so not to worry.

Saw this while waiting for my bus at Gotemba station to go to Grinpa. Surprisingly, this particular bus doesn't go to Grinpa.

Waited at this bus terminal platform at Gotemba station for the bus to Grinpa. Remember to ask the driver when you board if you are on the correct bus because there are buses going to elsewhere which will also stop at this platform.

Random view during the 50mins bus journey from Gotemba to Grinpa

Getting close when you see this.

Entrance to Grinpa


This is the bus stop for Grinpa. You alight here as well as board from here.

Yes, Grinpa is located at the base of Mt Fuji.

Pretty deserted, right? 


  1. Hi, so happy to find the info on travel from Gotemba station to Grinpa on your blog. Can I check for the bus to depart from Gotemba station to Grinpa, is there a bus number? Coz you mentioned that even though the bus arrived has a banner on Grinpa, it might not travel there.

    Sorry, coz I do not speak japanese. Am very lost looking at the bus schedule and info on Gotemba to Grinpa.


    1. Hi.

      Yes, it is a pain to get to Grinpa via public transport, especially if you don't know any Japanese.
      I don't think there's a bus number though.

      There's more info on buses on Grinpa's japanese website though:

      Here's the bus from Gotemba station (御殿場駅) to Grinpa (ぐりんぱ ):
      There is only 1 bus departure timing from Gotemba station to Grinpa in the morning, and only 1 bus departure timing from Grinpa to Gotemba station in the afternoon. Make sure you don't miss the bus timings.
      When you board the bus, make sure to double check with the bus driver if you have boarded the correct bus.

      Here's the bus from Mishima to Grinpa:

      Here's the bus from Fuji station to Grinpa: