Thursday, March 1, 2012

Japan (Jul2011) Day 9: Kyoto

Since our train departing Kansai Airport is an evening flight, so we have some time in the morning to spend in Kyoto.  We decided to head for Nijo Castle first. Just a note, it's quite a long walk from JR's Nijo station to Nijo Castle as compared to the subway's Nijo station to Nijo castle.

We got a 1day JR West Kansai Area Pass (2000yen). It's mainly to utilize it for the Haruka Express trip from Kyoto to Kansai Airport later that day.

Walking to Nijo castle..,

The back of Nijo castle


Admission tix

Taking subway to Kyoto station for lunch

 After lunch, we took a short train (1 station away from Kyoto station) to Tofukuji station.
 Tofukuji is actually not very near the Tofukuji station. You will need to walk about 8-12mins and it's off the main road. We got kinda lost and a very helpful Japanese lady went out of her way to walk us to Tofukuji itself!
The bridge to Tofukuji

View of Tofukuji from the bridge

 After Tofukuji, we took a cab ride to Fushimi Inari Shrine. Too bad it started to rain by the time we arrived and the dear hubby slipped and sprained his knee. Rain then got heavier so we only spent about 10-15mins here before calling it a day.

You can flip the backrest to the other side to change the direction your seat is facing on many Japan trains.

 After Fushimi Inari, we walked to the train station, waited for half an hour, and then realised that the JR train was being suspended due to heavy rain. So we walked to the nearby train station operated by another train company and managed to take a longer route to Kyoto station. Well, at least we were able to make it back on time to catch our evening flight. 

And thus is the end of our July 2011's Japan trip.

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