Monday, March 26, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 9: Hakodate + overnight train Twilight Express (Part 2)

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 9: Hakodate + overnight train Twilight Express (Part 2)
After the Old Bricks Warehouse, we headed to the tram station to take a ride back to our hotel.

Before we went to retrieve our luggage from the hotel, we popped by a nearby supermarket to buy some lunch for our train ride to Toya.

manhole cover
 Finally arrived at Toya station, and around 4plus pm, the Twilight Express train arrived punctually at the station.

Our cabin....where we spent the 22hrs on the train.
 Even though we didn't board from Sapporo station, however due to delays at Aomori station for nearly 2 hours, we arrived at Shin-Osaka station more than 2 hours later than planned. So technically speaking, we did spent about 22hrs on board the train. :)

Our room number



Snacks vending machine on board the train

Love this viewing gallery

Our cabin's keycard

The much cheaper 4-in-1 cabin

300yen, Hokkaido vanilla icecream

Playing monopoly to pass the time

Dining car

Pub menu


  1. Hi Mate, Great pics- and looks like an amazing journey. Any tips on booking the twilight express- we tried the reverse route last time and it was long sold out. Will like to explore again! All help much appreciated,

  2. Hmm, not really. Just try not to book during peak seasons, and also try a weekday. Higher chance of getting it I guess.

    Someone mentioned that they tried calling to make reservation for Twilight Express.
    More info on this page:

  3. Hi Samantha, Can i check how much extra did you pay for your room on overnight twilight express? Can we use the shower or any facilities on the train or its chargable?

  4. Go for more info on Twilight Express.
    I think I paid 3150yen (per pax for express surcharge) + 16320yen (per room for the private Twin cabin).

    There's showers but need to buy shower card (think 300yen). There's a restaurant on the train too, but also need to pay to eat. There's toilets too (free), a viewing lounge with TV (public, free), vending machines for snacks and drinks (pay). We bought lots of snacks, sushi and drinks before we boarded the train.