Monday, March 19, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 5: Asahikawa (Part 2)

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 5: Asahikawa (Part 2)

Continuing our visit to Asahiyama Zoo

Look at the long row of people, waiting for the penguin parade to begin.
Every year, the starting date for penguin parade is dependent on the temperature, so they have different starting/ending dates for penguin parade seasons at Asahiyama Zoo every year.
Here is a list of starting/ending dates for penguin parade for previous years for your reference:
They usually begin around mid Dec, and ends in late March. 
look at everyone waiting for the penguins

Rules of the penguin march:
- No flash photography
- Do not touch the penguins
- Stay behind the line
- Squat down

After a cold couple of hours at the Asahiyama Zoo, our Hokkaido friends drove us to a cafe to warm up with some snacks and drinks and chatted abit for an hour or so.

And then, they brought us to a yaki niku restaurant for dinner. 
Thank you Yasutaka-san and Murata-san for bringing us around Asahikawa and making this day an enjoyable day! :)
Yummy yakiniku!!

Our room at Fujita Kanko Washington hotel just opposite Asahikawa station (5250yen per night)


  1. Hi,
    Need some advise from you.
    We plan to go "kamiyubetsu Tulip Park & Shibazakura moss pink park in Takinoue. We prefer day tour depart from Asahikawa. Do you have any can recommend to us ?
    Thank you.

    Angel Lum

    1. Sorry, I've not been there, so I've not really familiar with both places.

      I did a brief search online and found a daytour package that departs from Sapporo, and spends about 1 hour at each of those 2 parks.

  2. Hi where is that Yakiniku place? Is it very far from the JR? Thanks for the reply.

    1. Sorry i'm not sure where the place is either. My friend drove us there and from the drive back to JR station after dinner, it doesnt seem to be anywhere near the train station.