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Japan (Feb 2012) Day 10: Osaka to Fukuoka

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 10: Osaka to Fukuoka
Today is another travelling day. Our overnight train Twilight Express was being delayed due to heavy snow in Aomori the previous night, and therefore we arrived more than 2 hours later (around 2pm plus in the afternoon) than intended at Shin-Osaka station. 

Luckily we were using JR pass, so even though we missed the Shinkansen we originally planned for, we were simply able to just book for another Shinkansen ride after we arrived at Shin-Osaka. We had about 20mins to buy some food at Shin-Osaka station before we had to rush to catch our Shinkansen train from Shin-Osaka to Hakata station in Fukuoka, Kyushu.

Countryside...near Toyama area

Somewhere before Kyoto

Finally arrived at Shin-Osaka...where we then had to transfer to the Shinkansen.

Bye bye Twilight Express

 The main station in Fukuoka is the Hakata station. 

Our room at the b Hakata hotel (about 6000yen per night). 

After checking in, we headed out to look for dinner

Hakata station

Their Yoshinoya's menu

We finally decided to eat at this little eatery
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Katsudon plus 1 ebi tempura

Note that there's another Family Mart just across the road.
KFC's menu

Underground mall at Hakata station. We were looking for Krispy Kreme outlet.

After going round and round in circles, we used our nose and finally found it!!

Queues as usual...this was around 8:30pm at night

Yes. Was very tempted. 1000yen only! Too bad I already have a pair of winter boots and don't need another.

Yodabashi Camera, located just next to the Hakata station

Watching Avatar in Japanese on TV in our room

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