Monday, March 26, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 11: Yufuin (Part 1)

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 11: Yufuin (Part 1)
Was originally planning to take the special train Yufuin no mori from Hakata to Yufuin, however all tickets were sold out, so we had to take the older Yufu train instead.

Yufuin is a hotspring town located in Oita prefecture in Kyushu.  There's another popular hotspring town called Beppu that's somewhat nearby as well, however my cousin recently just returned from Beppu and said that Beppu had sulphuric smell, so we chose to go Yufuin instead. Totally worth the switch, cuz I love Yufuin. 

Hmm...Doraemon and Anpanman?

Arrival at Yufuin station

Train schedule at Yufuin

The exterior of Yufuin train station
 Since it was still too early for check-in, so we decided to deposit our luggage at the coin locker just opposite the station (cuz the lockers at the station was full)

Main street of Yufuin

It started to snow

 Didn't had macro lens with me for my DSLR, so had to resort to using macro mode on my compact camera to take these closeup of the lovely snowflakes on our gloves. 

Out of the sudden, it started to snow heavily...and it lasted for like 15mins before it stopped.

The shops at this small little street leading up to the lake reminds me of Otaru

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