Monday, March 26, 2012

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 8: Hakodate (Part 2)

Japan (Feb 2012) Day 8: Hakodate (Part 2)

Our room at Smile Hotel, Hakodate. Cheap and quite spacious compared to many other Japan hotels we stayed at.

Time for lunch

Taking tram again, to the cable car station 

climbing up the very steep hill from tram station to the cable car station. Very slippery grounds. 

Yeah, look at the slope.

Taking cable car to Mt Hakodate

Hmm...kinda foggy

Since it wasn't really dark yet, so we spent some time at the souvenir shop 

Ok, not so foggy now, can see some lights
 It was so darn FREEZING COLD standing at the observatory area taking these shots. Very strong winds as well. I had to keep running indoors to escape from the cold every 10mins or so.
 Also realised that the accumulated snow is a good makeshift tripod for placing my camera on to take long shutter shots :)

Queuing to take the cable car ride back down

Inside the cable car

Not gonna walk down to the tram station. So we took the bus from just outside the cable car station instead.

Smile hotel's exterior

Supper :)

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