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Japan (Nov2011) Day 2: Tokyo (part 1)

Japan (Nov2011) Day 2: Tokyo 
We originally planned to go Disneysea on a weekday, however we were concerned about the weather, so we chose to go Disneysea on the earliest possible day when the weather is good...and thus, a weekend. Sigh.

We got our Disneysea tickets from JTB in Singapore (which is cheaper than if you got it from the entrance of Disneyland/Disneysea itself, and you will also save time queuing for tickets). 

To get to Disneyland/Disneysea, just take a train to Maihama station. You might need to do a train transfer at Tokyo station.  From Maihama station, take the Disney monorail, and you will arrive at Disneysea.  There are many Disneylands in the world, but there's only 1 Disneysea and that's in Tokyo.

Boarding the Disney monorail

All these people are queuing up to enter Disneysea. Imagine if you were to queue once to buy tickets, and then queue again to enter. Which is why I recommend getting the tickets in Singapore.  
 Avoid visiting Disneyland/Disneysea on weekends! Don't make the same mistake I did.

Queuing again to get thru the ticketing gantries

Finally I am inside Disneysea!

we were the 1st to enter this restaurant (just minutes after they open for business) for an early lunch.

 Disneysea is celebrating their 10th Anniversary, and so there's a special performance called "Be Magical".  The characters come out on little ferries/floating platforms. 

There are many mini stages scattered around the lake, and the one I am at happens to be where Donald Duck goes to...

And then his gf comes looking for him. 

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