Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Japan (Nov2011) Day 1: Singapore to Tokyo

Japan (Nov2011) Day 1: Singapore to Tokyo

Went on this trip with my Dad and brother. Both of them could only spend 5 days in Japan, however I chose to extend my trip, so on the night of day 4 onwards, I am on my own.  

This trip for the both of them is also considered cheap. Because for Cathay Pacific flight + 4 nights accommodation (Shinagawa Prince), it's just S$765 per pax. Inclusive of tax and surcharges too.

Charging our phones at Hong Kong Airport during our 3 hour transit

Hong Kong Airport

Mt Fuji

Taking Narita Express from Narita Airport to Shinagawa

Room at Shinagawa Prince hotel. 
 After checking in and dumping our luggage our rooms, we headed out to Shibuya for dinner.

Katsu Curry. My brother love this!

As always, whenever I go Japan, I'd ALWAYS have Krispy Kreme!

Dad found it too sweet for his liking.

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