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Japan (Nov2011) Day 3: Tokyo (part 1)

Japan (Nov2011) Day 3: Tokyo (part 1)
Went to Sensoji Shrine at Asakusa in the morning.  After that, we went to Ueno in the afternoon (where it rained), and then to Odaiba.

The floral patterns will only appear if the umbrella is wet.

Ueno. Raining.

Sylvanian Families!
 Since it was raining, so we didn't really spend much time at Ueno (probably about 1hr). We decided to head over to Palette Town in Odaiba since it will be indoors.
Taking the monorail to Odaiba.

At Palette town

Booking system for you to test drive Toyota cars


Venus Fort

its nose twitches

At the 1st floor of Venus Fort, there are alot of shops selling pet's clothings and accessories. There's even a Pet shop as well.

carriers for pets

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