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Japan (Sep 2012) Day 7: Kyoto to Kobe (Part 2)

After a 1hr train ride (1050yen, local JR train) from Kyoto to JR Sannomiya station, I finally arrived at Kobe. My hotel for the night is a capsule hotel that's about 10mins walk away from Sannomiya station. I know there's a hotel shuttle van from Sannomiya station but I forgot which I ended up walking.

I have always wanted to try staying for a night at a capsule hotel. But since it's not too convenient if I'm on a trip with my husband (since the capsule hotels usually splits up into male and female areas) to stay at a capsule hotel, therefore this solo trip of mine is the perfect time for me to give it a try.

Most capsule hotels will only cater to male guests. So it took me some time to locate a capsule hotel that also caters to female guests when I was doing my trip planning.
This particular one where I stayed at is called Kobe Kua House .
The hotel staff know nearly no English (since almost all of their guests are local Japanese) so it is better if you know some basic Japanese for communication (or at least understand some simple Japanese) if you are intending to stay here.
The staff are helpful and friendly and took time to bring me around the facilities and explained the areas to me...even though my knowledge of the Japanese language is really very very poor.

Upon entering the hotel, you have to remove your shoes and place them in shoe lockers like these.

Toiletries for sale at the lobby

Vending machine selling milk at hotel lobby

Hotel lobby...waiting for check in time
Hotel's restaurant

Entering Female-only area.  Rows of lockers for your luggage (narrow type so if your luggage is too big, it won't fit). 

Behind the bookcase you see on my previous pic, is this row of regular capsule cabins. These are around 3800yen per night.

Since I chose a Deluxe cabin, so I entered this area with private "rooms". The doors are sliding doors and are unlockable.

This is my private Deluxe cabin.  There's a personal desktop computer and the capsule cabin in the room. This costs 4500yen.

Hotel provides towels, pyjamas and toothbrush.
My capsule 

My capsule. The black screen is a tv.

After I'm done checking out my capsule room,  I took the hotel shuttle back to Sannomiya station to look for food.  The hotel shuttle van dropped us right in front of this book store opposite the JR Sannomiya train station. 

 Next to the bookstore is this economical 24hr food outlet selling rice bowl meals. It's really cheap and the Katsudon is nice!
24hr. Love the Katsudon here.

I got the small sized Katsudon. Costs 390yen. Really delicious!

 After my hunger was satisfied, I popped over to the nearby Tokyu Hands store which was only 5mins walk away.

Spent the next 2hrs here...

Heh...bought insoles again...

Mickey shaped seaweed, anyone?

Pretty raincoats!

And soon, it was evening already...time for dinner.
Initially wanted to buy food from convenience store back...but I foresee it will be cold by the time I arrive back at the hotel.

So I decided to have my dinner at the hotel's restaurant.
Tori Karaage (Chicken) set meal 

And that's the end of my day in Kobe.

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