Sunday, February 17, 2013

Quincy Hotel (Singapore)

When I first read through Quincy Hotel's package, I was surprised to see that Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, plus a free cupcake baking session was included in the package rate. 

The room was comfortable, with free beverage from the room's minibar, and we enjoyed the cupcake baking session. 

(Please pardon the photo quality, since I had to use my somewhat faulty mobile phone to take these photos)

These are free for us with the package.

Cupcake baking session:

We managed to finish all 9 of them by the next day. :)

As for the meals, the main course (included in the package) was pretty decent, portion for the main course was adequate, and there was also a small section of buffet selection in addition to the main course. 

Our dinner menu (choose 1 out of the list)
I had Mee Goreng for dinner
Hubby had this for dinner.
Ice Cream for dessert
I took a small portion from the mini-buffet since I was pretty full after the Mee Goreng I had.

Skipped breakfast since we had those cupcakes to finish. 

Lunch, before checking out.
Lunch menu (choose 1)

Hubby had this

I had this for lunch. Nasi Goreng. It wasn't on the lunch menu for this day but the kitchen staff specially whipped this up for me after I enquired about this dish since I saw someone eating Nasi Goreng the day before. Kudos to the staff.

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