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(Europe Sep 2015) Day 6: Visit St Malo. Stay at Paris

Day 6 (8 Sep 2015): Visit St Malo. St Malo to Paris. Stay at Paris.

This day's breakdown:
1130-1145 Took short bus ride from the bus stop outside St Malo station to the old town in St Malo (E1.30 per pax)
1200-1545 Explored old town + lunch
1555-1605 Bus back to St Malo station
Went back to hotel to collect our luggage
1639-1957 St Malo to Paris Gare Montparnasse via TGV (bought tickets early about 3 months in advanced from online, since it is usually much cheaper if you buy it early)
2000-2230 Walked around Gare Montparnasse station to try to look for my bear in the dustbins + visit to the police station near Montparnasse station 
2245-2300 Took subway to our hotel in Paris
2310 Arrived and checked in at hotel
2320 Managed to buy KFC near our hotel for dinner/supper just before they close for the day.

St Malo is a town with an ancient walled city, located in Brittany region of France.

From the bus stop outside St Malo station, we took a short bus ride (E1.30 per pax) to the bus stop just outside the old town (Intra-Muros).  
Outside Intra-Muros

Before entering Intra-Muros, we stopped by the tourism office for a map (costs E0.20 I think).

inside tourism office.

Ok, entering Intra-Muros

There are many shops and restaurants within Intra-Muros. 
I'd also recommend taking a stroll along the top of the fortress walls that runs along the perimeter of Intra-Muros.

Walking along the walkway above the fortress wall.

Time to get lunch before catching our bus back to St Malo station.
Had our lunch at this restaurant, located near the main entrance to Intra-Muros

The view from our table.

Since this region is famous for their oysters, so most of the restaurants includes oysters on their menu. Here is the oysters which my husband ordered.

Our orders


Loved the nutella macaroon

Dining was kinda expensive here in Intra-Muros. Our lunch costs around E60.
Our table after lunch.

After lunch, we took the bus back to St Malo station, where we then collected our luggage from our hotel near St Malo station, and then took the TGV back to Paris.

Spend some time wandering around Montparnasse station looking at trash bins and asking the cleaning staffs if they saw any teddy bear over the past 2 days at the station. :(
And then went to the police station near Montparnasse station to enquire too.

And then we headed for our hotel for the night.

View from our room window. 

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