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(Europe Sep 2015) Day 8: Visit Bern and Interlaken. Stay at Lauterbrunnen (Part 1 Bern)

Day 8 (10 Sep 2015): Visit Bern and Interlaken. Stay at Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland)
(Part 1 Bern)

This day's schedule:
0723-0809 Colmar to Basel via train
0831-0927 Basel to Bern via train
Deposit luggage at Bern station (E9)
Walk around Bern + Lunch
1404-1457 Bern to Interlaken via train
1540-1710 Visit Harder Kulm observatory point
1735-1815 Supermarket shopping
1835-1855 Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen via train
Check in hostel + dinner of cup noodles

In the morning, we took an early train from Colmar to Basel in Switzerland. 

Bye Colmar, bye France (bye my beloved bear...)
 Arrival at Basel station in Switzerland.

Since we didn't had much time before having to catch our train transfer at Basel station, so my husband just barely had enough time to buy some breakfast (croissants I think) and we dashed to catch our next train from Basel to Bern.

Although some trains have luggage racks for you to put your big luggage bags that wouldn't fit on the overhead rack, but don't assume that the trains that you'll be taking will have those racks.

In times when there's no luggage racks, what we did (since my husband's luggage bag is too big for the overhead racks) was to slot the bag in the gap in between 2 back-to-back seats. 

Dining car on this train.
 Arrival at Bern station.

Bern station.

slabs of chocolates
 After having so much trouble with locating locker services in France, it was a good sight seeing these lockers at Bern station.

We chose the biggest locker (costs E9) and we managed to squeeze both our luggage bags into the same locker. :)

And thus, we began our short walkabout in Bern.

In front of Bern train station.

The buildings look really sturdy.

 There are shops long the streets, and even if it rains, you can just walk in the covered walkway.

We came across a street market, am not sure if they operate daily or not though.

We came across a few chess sets in the parks and gardens during our short visit here.

Loved the views from the bridges. 

In the 10mins before the clock chimes for the hour, you will see many tourists crowding around the area waiting for the chime.

The underground shelters are converted into shops

Somehow, we always end up having gelato pretty often whenever we are at Europe.

There's a house here which used to be Einstein's apartment. But since we need to grab lunch before catching our next train, so we didn't have time to visit this place.

Einstein apartment
 Found a nice restaurant not too far from the station to have our lunch. This also starts my consecutive days of wiener schnitzel meals.  Switzerland's food consists of alot of sausages, potatoes, and cheese...which are things which I don't really eat much of, so I always end up eating Schnitzel in Switzerland.  Schnitzel is breaded meat fillet. 
Meals in Switzerland is also expensive. We usually spend around 50-60 Euros per meal for 2 pax's main course + drinks.  Main courses are around 20-30 Euros average.  

Loved this!

Husband loved this!

Since I love to eat prawns, so even though we just had lunch, but I had to buy the 5 piece shrimps from McDonalds before we catch our train.

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