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(Europe Sep 2015) Day 7: Visit Paris. Stay at Colmar

Day 7 (9 Sep 2015): Visit Paris. Stay at Colmar

This day's breakdown:
1015-1130 Filed report at Paris's Montparnasse police station 
1230-1415 Visited Objet Trouve's office near Convention metro station (about 5-7mins walk) 
1430-1530 Lunch near Convention metro station
1530-1700 View of Eiffel Tower and short teabreak
1730-1920 Slacked at hotel lobby using the hotel's wifi 
1930-1955 Took Metro to Gare Lyon to catch our train to Colmar
2023-2318 Gare Lyon to Mulhouse via TGV
2330-2357 Mulhouse to Colmar via TER train
0020 Finally checked-in at hotel at Colmar

Our original plan was to take an early morning TGV train from Paris to Colmar and spend the entire day visiting and exploring Colmar.  
But in the end, we decided to exhaust all of our options (since it was our last day at Paris) to try to locate my husband's backpack (especially my bear) before leaving Paris on this day.

So we wasted our morning train's tickets, and bought an expensive train ticket (last TGV train from Paris towards Colmar), and spend the day at Police station and the Lost and Found office in Paris.

Although each of the major stations (eg. Montparnasse station) have their own Lost and Found counter, but there's also a general Lost and Found office in Paris (The Objet Trouve's office) that's about 5-7mins walk from Convention Metro station.

I know there's almost no chance of finding my bear back, but still, we just want to try our best and make sure that all of our options were exhausted before leaving Paris on this day.

So in the morning, we visited the police station at near Montparnasse station (again) to check with their lost and found, and also see if they caught anyone lately with our backpack...after spending more than an hour there (and also chatting with some fellow tourists in the waiting room who also had their belongings and money stolen), we left the police station still feeling dejected. 

Then we took a short Metro ride to Convention station and visited the Objet Trouves office. We had to file up a form for our lost article, and they said it's still too early for any news of the item since it usually takes at least 1 week for lost articles to be transferred there.  So we just filled and submitted the form, and left.  

After a mentally exhausting morning, we finally have some time to sit down and have lunch near Convention station.

Since we didn't plan to have this entire day at Paris, plus we didn't really have the mood to do much sightseeing, so we decided to just spend the rest of the day to see Eiffel Tower, and then relax at our hotel lobby while waiting to catch our evening train.

Therefore, we took the metro from Convention to Trocadero, where we can see a good view of Eiffel Tower.  Since we've already been up to Eiffel Tower on our previous trip many years ago, so we didn't feel the need to join the crowd and go up to Eiffel Tower again.

It was really hot, both of us were sweating by now.  So we found a cafe about 5 mins walk from the station and sat down to to some cold drinks and chocolate fondant and crepe.

We then went back to our hotel to use the hotel's wifi at the lobby area to file for lost article online too, since the international data SIM card which we bought for this trip was also lost since it was in the backpack that was stolen.  

Soon, it was time to go catch our evening train. We bought some food and drinks from the station at Gare Lyon, and then boarded the train towards Mulhouse, which we will then transfer to another train to reach Colmar.
Gare Lyon

The TER train which we took from Mulhouse to Colmar.

Bicycle rack onboard the train.
 It was midnight by the time we arrived at Colmar. 
After walking about 10mins, we finally found our hotel for the night.
It would just be a few more hours of sleep here until we have to catch our early morning train leaving France and headed for Switzerland.

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