Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Japan (Oct2013): Day 6 Onuma-koen, then Hakodate to Hirosaki. Overnight train to Tokyo. (Part 1)

Day 6 (31/10/13): Onuma-koen, then Hakodate to Hirosaki. Overnight train to Tokyo. (Part 1)

Day breakdown:
0830-0849 Hakodate to Onuma-koen via Ltd Exp train
0849-1010 Onuma-koen
1010-1030 Onuma-koen to Hakodate via Ltd Exp train (train was delayed)
1030-1119 Picked up luggage from hotel, then bought lunch from dept store food hall near Hakodate station so that I can eat on the train.
1119-1316 Hakodate to Aomori via Ltd Exp train
1337-1410 Aomori to Hirosaki via Ltd Exp train
1410-1420 Deposited luggage at coin locker, and visited tourist info counter at Hirosaki station.
1420-1440 Took bus from Hirosaki station to Hirosaki castle.
1440-1545 Visited Hirosaki castle grounds
1545-1605 Strolled around the area just outside Hirosaki castle
1605-1620 Took bus back to Hirosaki station
1645-1715 Had early dinner at Ito Yokoda building near Hirosaki station
1715-1840 Walked around Ito Yokoda dept store and bought some snacks for overnight train ride.
1902-0658 Took overnight train Akebono from Hirosaki (Aomori) to Ueno (Tokyo)

105yen A bottle of Pocari sweat
158yen A pack of Senbei
100yen 2 pieces of tempura (bought from dept store near Hakodate station)
298yen Katsudon (bought from dept store near Hakodate station)
500yen Coin locker at Hirosaki station
100yen Bus from Hirosaki station to Hirosaki castle
300yen Admission fees to Botanic garden at Hirosaki castle
100yen Bus from Hirosaki castle to Hirosaki station
960yen Dinner of Tempura chicken donburi with 1 piece of Tempura
400yen 1 bottle of water, 1 castella cake, 1 box fried shumai, 1 choc snack (for overnight train ride)

Since i've already visited Hakodate in 1 of my previous trips (Feb 2012), so I just went to Onuma-koen (about 20mins train ride from Hakodate station) for a quick visit in the morning. 
After heading back to Hakodate after my visit to Onuma-koen, I had to catch another train from Hakodate to Aomori (thus leaving Hokkaido and entering Tohoku in northern Honshu), and then Aomori to Hirosaki. 
Then in the evening around 7pm, I had to catch an overnight train from Hirosaki to Ueno station in Tokyo (arrive next morning)
building just opposite Hakodate station where are there quite a number of shops here selling seafood donburi.

Then I went to Hakodate station to take a short 20mins train ride to Onuma-koen.
More info on Onuma-koen: http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e5356.html
Saw overnight train Twilight Express being parked at another platform at Hakodate station. I had previously took this train before back in Feb 2012

This is the Ltd Exp train which I took to Onuma-koen.
 Onuma-koen is located about 20km north of Hakodate. It is a nice place to spend a morning if you happen to have already visited Hakodate and have a morning to spare while you are at Hakodate.

Onuma-koen station

map of the area near Onuma-koen station. I would recommend the red walking trail, although I didn't have enough time to go on that trail. 

Exterior of Onuma-koen station.

Yup, it's autumn...

saw the overnight train Twilight Express (which was parked earlier at Hakodate station) passing by. *waves*

panoramic pic from the bench in the above pic, taken by my handphone.

This shop on the right was featured on TV before, can't remember if it was Japan Hour though.

Back to the station.

Train delayed for 21mins. Sigh.

Took train back to Hakodate where I had to pick up my luggage from hotel and then head over to my next destination for the day, which is Hirosaki in Aomori.


  1. Hi Samantha! This is nice!!!! I'm heading ther in 4 days so I have questions if you would be able to help. Where is the coin lockers located? Is it hard to find? And do you think 1:30 hrs would be enough for the scenic autumn leaved shooting in the Onuma Park (I'm okay on not completing the red walking trail in your shot)? Thank youuuuuuu! Your shots are all nice!!!! Love it!!!

    1. Sorry, I realised that I only just saw your comments.
      I used the Tourist info office (located next to Onuma koen station) to help me store my luggage bag for a small fee.