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Japan (Oct2013): Day 7 Karuizawa + Shibukawa + Tokyo (Part 2)

Day 7 (1/11/13): Karuizawa + Shibukawa + Tokyo. (Part 2)

After leaving Karuizawa, I took a Shinkansen to Takasaki (about 15mins via Shinkansen) where I had to transfer to another train (about 20mins via Ltd Exp train) to reach Shibukawa.
At Takasaki station while waiting for my train transfer to Shibukawa.

For fans of the manga/anime Initial D, you might remember the characters Takahashi Ryosuke (who drives FC) and his brother Takahashi Keisuke (who drives FD)? In the story, they were supposed to stay in Takasaki area. 
Takasaki station.

Taking this Ltd Exp train from Takasaki to Shibukawa. About 20mins journey from Takasaki.

If I'm not wrong, the tallest peak in this photo is Mt Haruna.
 In the world of Initial D, there is Mt Akina...well, Mt Akina in the manga/anime is actually Mt Haruna in real life.  Mt Haruna is located about 30mins bus ride away from Shibukawa train station. 
The place where the main characters of Initial D, including Fujiwara Takumi (the driver of the AE-86) , supposedly live at is actually Shibukawa in real life.

Located somewhere between Mt Haruna and Shibukawa station is Ikaho onsen town. Ikaho onsen town also appeared in Initial D as well.
More info on Ikaho onsen town:

Too bad I didn't had enough time to visit Ikaho onsen nor Mt Haruna since I only had time for a quick lunch for my short stopover at Shibukawa.

Arrival at Shibukawa station

Shibukawa station
Shibukawa station, as shown in the anime Initial D.

Shibukawa station

From Shibukawa station, it was just a short 5mins walk to reach this very familiar looking family restaurant (Cafe Gusto) for Initial D fans. Yes, this particular restaurant have also appeared in the anime as well.
Their main website (this particular outlet is the one situated in Shibukawa within Gunma):

Where I happened to sit. 

My lunch. Pork Cutlet with rice. 838yen.

Looking out from the window

Even their carpark also appeared in the anime as well.
 After a quick lunch, it's time to head back to Tokyo.

Awaiting train at Shibukawa train platform.

Train schedule, from Shibukawa towards Takasaki and Ueno direction.

Taking this local train from Shibukawa to Takasaki. About 30mins journey from Shibukawa to Takasaki station.

There's a toilet compartment on this train as well.

After arriving back in Tokyo, I went to J-World near Ikebukuro station. 
Fans of Shonen Jump mangas, especially One Piece, Dragonball, and Naruto will enjoy this place.

Entering J-World.

digital wall, with moving pictures of the many various characters from Shonen Jump manga.


The walkways inside J-World are mainly One Piece themed so there are many corners like this for photo opportunities.

Shonen Jump manga characters

Entering Konoha...
There is only 1 Naruto attraction in J-World and you will need to pay extra to enter the attraction. Plus, photography is not allowed within the attraction. No, I didn't entered.

There is a small cafeteria area inside J-World

Ichiraku Ramen, anyone? :)

Gift shop inside J-World

Supposedly J-World limited edition item.

Sanji's cafe

Cup of coffee and a biscuit cost me 580yen at Sanji's cafe inside J-World.
 Went to a nearby Tokyu Hands store after leaving J-World to help my husband to look for some sort of knife sharpening stone (which was so darn heavy). 

From Ikebukuro, I took the JR Yamanote line back to Ueno station to collect my luggage from the coin locker before heading to my hotel at Minami-Senju area.

3900yen for this single private room for 1 night. Shared bathroom facilities though.
 I've previously stayed at this hotel just a couple months back so I was familiar with this area.

Dinner of Katsudon from 7-11 convenience store. 398yen.

Bought this pack of cute potato snack. Tastes pretty good.

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