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Japan (Oct2013): Day 6 Onuma-koen, then Hakodate to Hirosaki. Overnight train to Tokyo. (Part 2)

Day 6 (31/10/13): Onuma-koen, then Hakodate to Hirosaki. Overnight train to Tokyo. (Part 2)

From Hakodate, it is a 2hr journey via Ltd Exp train to reach Aomori. Then from Aomori, it's another 40mins journey via another Ltd Exp train to reach Hirosaki.

Hakodate to Aomori via Ltd Exp train.

My lunch, bought from a dept store's food hall opposite Hakodate station before I went to catch the train to Aomori.

After 2hrs' train journey, finally left Hokkaido and arrived at Aomori in Tohoku.

Hirosaki is famous for their apples. Too bad I have a phobia to fruits.
 After depositing my luggage at a coin locker (500yen) at Hirosaki station, I took a short bus ride (100yen) from Hirosaki station to Hirosaki castle.
Entering Hirosaki castle grounds

Autumn fest event

Botanical gardens at Hirosaki castle grounds. 300yen admission fees.

Back to Hirosaki castle grounds, still looking for the castle.

Found it. Hirosaki castle.

This place is extremely popular during Sakura season, because when the sakura petals drop into the moat, the moat becomes pink! Well, too bad it was a gloomy autumn day on my visit.

 After leaving Hirosaki castle (I didn't enter the castle itself since need to pay more admission fees) I had a stroll around the area surrounding the castle while walking to the bus stop. 

Bus stop for the 100yen Loop Bus.

100yen Loop Bus.

Back to Hirosaki station
 Since there's nothing much to shop/eat at Hirosaki station, so I was advised by the tourist info counter's staff to take a short 5mins walk to the nearby Ito Yokoda dept store building for more options. And true enough, there's a dept store there and a couple restaurants and a large supermarket at the basement.
View of Hirosaki from the top floor of Ito Yokoda building

early dinner. Tempura chicken donburi with an Ebi Tempura. 960yen. Nice!

The Tempura chicken.
 Had some time to spare before having to catch my 7pm overnight train, so shopped around the dept store for awhile.
Pokemon mahjong set?

Found these at the supermarket. Didn't buy it though, just felt that it's cute.

Sold at supermarket too.

Yup, 1902hr, that's my train.

Train platform at Hirosaki station.

Ok, queue here to board the 2nd carriage for Overnight train Akebono.

Train's here.

The free berth with JR Pass looks similar to this, but is without curtains. I had to top up about 9000yen for a berth with curtain since all the private cabins as well as the free berths were all full. 

My berth. Oh, and the friendly train staff. 
Bought this to snack on from the convenience store before I boarded the train.

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  1. Hey thanks for your informative blog. Travelling to Aomori and wanted to visit the castle so thanks mate, from Sydney Australia, Dale.