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Japan (Oct2013): Day 7 Karuizawa + Shibukawa + Tokyo (Part 1)

Day 7 (1/11/13): Karuizawa + Shibukawa + Tokyo. (Part 1)

Day breakdown:
0658 Arrival at Ueno station at Tokyo from Overnight train Akebono
0758-0912 Deposited luggage at locker at Ueno station and walked around Ueno station
0758-0912 Ueno to Karuizawa via Shinkansen 
0912-1243 Explored Karuizawa
1243-1259 Karuizawa to Takasaki via Shinkansen
1334-1352 Takasaki to Shibukawa via Ltd Exp train
1410-1455 Lunch at Shibukawa 
1519-1545 Shibukawa to Takasaki via local train
1602-1626 Takasaki to Omiya via Shinkansen
1632-1700 Omiya to Ikebukuro via JR Saikyo line train
1715-1850 Visited J-World at Ikebukuro in Tokyo
1855-1910 Visited Tokyu Hands store at Ikebukuro
1925-1940 Ikebukuro to Ueno via JR Yamanote line train
1940-2208 Collected luggage at Ueno station
2208-2018 Ueno to Minami-Senju via JR Joban line
2025 Arrived at Hotel

500yen Coin locker at Ueno station
220yen Mini burger
105yen Chips
105yen Panda choc biscuits
838yen Tonkatsu lunch at Gusto restaurant at Shibukawa
1300yen J-World admission fees
1500yen Chopper figurine from J-World
735yen Naruto folder from J-World
580yen Coffee and biscuit set from Sanji cafe at J-World
2982yen Knife Sharpening stone from Tokyu Hands
398yen Katsudon from 7-11 for dinner
105yen Mineral water
116yen Van Houten choc drink

Alighted from the Overnight train Akebono at Ueno in the early morning just before 7am.
Ueno Station

Bought this mini pork katsu burger from a shop at Ueno Station.

Arrival at Karuizawa station after an about 1hr Shinkansen ride from Ueno station.
Karuizawa is located at the border of Nagano prefecture. Since it is usually colder in Karuizawa than Tokyo, therefore autumn arrives earlier in Karuizawa than Tokyo. 
Although I used the 7days Nationwide JR Railpass to travel to Karuizawa, but for those who are only visiting Tokyo and would like to make a trip to Karuizawa, you don't need to spend 28,300yen on a 7days Nationwide JR pass, instead what you can do is to get the 3 days JR Kanto Area Pass for 8000yen and you can use that to take Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Karuizawa. 
Since a 1 way Shinkansen ride from Tokyo to Karuizawa would already cost 5240yen, therefore the JR Kanto Area pass for 8000yen is worth getting even if you are only using that pass to make the trip from Tokyo to Karuizawa and then Karuizawa back to Tokyo. Plus, you can also use the JR Kanto Area pass for taking Narita Express train as well as trains to get to Kawaguchi-ko. 
Some lovely trees just outside Karuizawa station.

Karuizawa station.

Walking towards Kumoba-ike pond. It took me about 25mins to walk to Kumoba-ike pond from Karuizawa station.
 Karuizawa is a nice place for a good stroll (or bicycle ride) around the town.

I enjoyed the stroll towards Kumoba-ike pond.

A french restaurant amongst the trees.


Finally arrived at Kumoba-ike pond.
 If you happen to visit Karuizawa during autumn, I would recommend a visit to Kumoba-ike pond. 

Path leading to the toilets at Kumoba-ike pond.

Just left Kumoba-ike pond

This building appeared briefly in an episode of Initial-D anime.

Start of Karuizawa Ginza. This is a shopping street.

Karuizawa Ginza.

Illusion museum at Karuizawa Ginza

St Paul's Catholic Church

Back to Karuizawa Ginza


Alexander Shaw Memorial Hall

That's the Karuizawa Prince hotel ski slopes. This photo was taken just outside Karuizawa station.
Bye bye Karuizawa, I'm heading towards Shibukawa next.

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