Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Japan (Dec12): Day 1 Singapore to Tokyo

Decided to join my 2 aunts and their families for this trip to Tokyo. 
It's their first time to Japan for most of them so I kinda played tourguide for this trip. :)

They will mainly be staying at Tokyo with a short 2D1N stopover at Nagano's Yudanaka...whereas hubby and myself will be extending our trip to cover more of Nagano while they head back to Tokyo.

Transit at Hong Kong Airport.

Yup, she went on this trip with us.

Together with my cousins' companions.
 Upon arrival at Haneda Airport, we head over to the JR counter to purchase 3day Kanto Area pass for them, and to exchange for JR East Pass for me and my hubby. They also bought Suica cards here too.
 There's a counter at Haneda Airport for the airport limousine bus, so we got our tickets there for our journey to our hotel (Sunroute Ariake Hotel at Odaiba).
Waiting for the Airport limousine bus.
And our luggages 

Having fun while waiting for the bus

We were the only ones on the bus throughout the entire journey.

Hubby and I
 After a short ride (about 30mins I think), we finally arrived at our hotel. Sunroute Ariake Hotel at Odaiba. We chose this hotel because of the free shuttle bus to Disneyland/Disneysea.

 We then headed out to nearby Venus Fort in search for some dinner.

 There's actually lots of One Piece roadshow and themed food at Odaiba during this period (Dec-Jan) due to the promotion of the new One Piece film Z.

Dinner at Venus Fort

What I had.
Me and my Aunt's fav, Sylvanian Families.

One Piece stall

This is soooo kawaii

Miffy products, at Kiddyland 
 I then brought them to the Car Museum inside Venus Fort. This would be my 2nd time there since I've already went there before back in Nov 2011 with my dad and bro.

At Toyota Mega Web (next to Venus Fort), there's a large Thousand Sunny. 
I think it would only be there until Jan 2013 though.

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