Monday, March 11, 2013

Japan (Dec12): Day 7 Daytrip to Narai and Matsumoto *Part 2

After about 30mins train ride from Narai, we arrived at Matsumoto.

Alighting at Matsumoto. We had to manually open the train door when we boarded at Narai. First time in my life had to use my hands to slide open the door to board. haha

The retro looking train we took
 Since it looks like a short 25mins walk from Matsumoto train station to Matsumoto castle, so we decided to walk instead of taking the bus. 

Matsumoto manhole cover

Beautiful and regal looking Matsumoto castle. 

Shops along the canal (Nawate-dori street)

Many Taiyaki flavours
I still chose my fav Taiyaki flavour, Custard.

The wind was pretty strong, it blew this bicycle down.

Nakamachi District (Just across the canal from Nawate-dori)
Think these are spectacle cases

Came across a 7-eleven convenience store selling lots of One Piece products! 
I bought these from that 7-eleven store. A Film Z commemorative booklet, a limited edition Chopper figurine, and a snack  that comes in a metal treasure chest container.
Note that Chopper is holding onto an onigiri (rice ball) and a bag of groceries.

What's in the booklet
The wonderful "Seiyuu"s (voice artistes) for One Piece anime.
On day 11 of this trip, we chanced upon Usopp (Kappei Yamaguchi-san) and Luffy's seiyuu (Mayumi Tanaka-san) at a Film Z roadshow at Ikebukuro.   
After leaving Matsumoto, we had our dinner at 1 of the restaurants opposite Nagano station.
Yes! Katsudon for me again...

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