Monday, March 11, 2013

Japan (Dec12): Day 6 Yudanaka to Nagano

Before leaving Yudanaka, we went for a visit to the Snow Monkey park. It was drizzling on this morning, thus the forest trail is muddy.
The trail itself is 1.6km. Says will take 25mins to walk on the signboard, but it took our group nearly 50mins and we did walked quite briskly...

Last part of the hike, a stretch of stairs...

Nice view at the top of the stairs.

Entrance to the Monkey Park.
500yen admission fees

Toilets here too...

The monkey hotspring.

Group photo after our visit to the monkey park
Taking the train from Yudanaka to Nagano.
Upon arrival at Nagano, the hubby and I said goodbye to my aunts and families, since they will be heading back to Tokyo...whereas hubby and I will continue our trip within Nagano for a couple more days. 

We went to check in to our hotel for the night (Chisun Grand Hotel Nagano)

view from our room
We dumped our bags in the room, and went out to Zenkoji Temple.
The Nagaden train to the nearest train station is pretty infrequent, so it's better to just take a bus from the bus stop in front of Nagano train station. 
After alighting from the bus, we strolled towards Zenkoji Temple

Bus schedule

Nice little shopping street leading up to Zenkoji temple

Zenkoji Temple

Since I don't take vegs (nor fruits), so my hubby gave this a try, and he says it's pretty nice.

Since we had a very packed itinerary for the past couple of days at Tokyo (waking up at 6am and sleeping past midnight almost every day), so we decided to just buy some food back to our hotel room for late lunch-early dinner.  Was sooo tired that we just dozed off while watching some tv around 5plus and then woke up at 10plus at night.  Got hungry again so went out to a nearby convenience store to buy some bento set for supper.

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