Monday, March 11, 2013

Japan (Dec12): Day 9 Nozawa Onsen

It's Christmas day! Snow finally stopped, and it was warmer today (above 0 degrees)

Although we will still be at Nozawa onsen today, but we will be shifting from Nakajimaya ryokan to Nozawa Grand Hotel.

Look at the ladder

Restaurant on the left, entrance to Nozawa Grand Hotel in the middle, and bus stop on the right.

Restaurant where we had our lunch. We love their sauce Tonkatsu rice

This is nice.

My usual, Katsudon. But for this meal, I somehow prefer what Alfred had.
The bus stop just opposite the restaurant.

Bus schedule.
After lunch, it's time to check-in.

Nozawa Grand Hotel
Entry area of our room

Our room. 26100yen for the room (without meals).
 We love this room! It's so spacious, and good view...

Yes, and there's a private ensuite hot tub as well!

Shower area...just before the hot tub

Large toilet too.

Hot tub!

view from our room.

We then went to explore the hotel's onsen.

Walking towards the hotel's outdoor onsen

Hotel's outdoor onsen with nice view
The view from the outdoor onsen.
Merry Christmas!

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