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Japan (Dec12): Day 5 Tokyo to Yudanaka

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On this day, we headed for Yudanaka (via Nagano). 
We took the 0836am Shinkansen from Tokyo station, and arriving at Nagano station at 1018am. 
At Nagano, we then transfer to the Nagaden train to get to Yudanaka station and arriving at Yudanaka at 1134am.

Waiting for the Shinkansen
Our bullet train arrives

After arriving at Nagano, we headed for the Nagaden train.
Local (slower) train on the left, Ltd Exp (Faster) train on the right. We took the Ltd Exp train.

The train driver climbed up these steps and entered the driver cabin above.

Taking pictures

Souvenirs sold onboard the train.

After arriving at Yudanaka station, our hotel's staff met up with us and offered to bring our luggage to the hotel for us while we go catch a bus to Shiga Kogen to spend a few hours there playing with snow.
during bus ride...

Lovely view of the mountains while having lunch at Shiga Kogen

Even though it wasn't snowing that day, but we had fun playing with snow.

Preparing for a snowfight

My cousin Emilie's snowman

Taking bus back to Yudanaka. Just 5mins after taking this photo, everyone dozed off for the rest of the journey.
Arrival back at the bus terminal at Yudanaka station

Bus fares

Lobby of our hotel. Yorozuya Annex Yurakuan

Our room. 18900yen inclusive dinner and breakfast.

View from our room.

Upon returning to our room after dinner, the futons were being set for us.

I love watching weather forecasts on Japanese TV. They are so detailed.

Ate my cup noodle for supper. :)

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