Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Japan (Dec12): Day 10 Nozawa Onsen to Yudanaka

 It started to snow again in the early morning. We checked out of the hotel at Nozawa onsen early in the morning to catch the early bus (and early train) to Nagano and then to Yudanaka.

Since it wasn't snowing when we went to the snow monkey park a few days earlier, so we decided to go snow monkey park again today instead of the following day since it was snowing. 

Leaving Nozawa Grand Hotel in the early morning.
Arrival at the train platform at Togari Nozawa onsen station. Was initially worried about whether we will be able to catch the train since we only had a few minutes to do the transfer...but we made it just in time.

After a 1hr train ride from Nozawa to Nagano, then about 50mins train ride from Nagano to Yudanaka, we finally arrived back at Yudanaka station. We missed the bus to snow monkey park, so we decided to take a cab. But due to the heavy snow, we had to wait about 45mins for an available cab (the next bus was in about an hour). 

We got the cab to bring us to our ryokan at Shibu onsen first to drop off our luggage, and then bring us to snow monkey park.

The 2nd time we are here on this trip.

Comparison...such a difference in just 4 days...

Snow monkey park

Some souvenirs sold at the snow monkey park

After about 3hrs (and nearly freezing my toes off)...we left the snow monkey park, and took a short 5mins bus ride to Shibu onsen.

Shibu onsen

Koishiya Ryokon, where we will be staying for the night

our room at Koishiya Ryokan. 12600yen without meals.


Dinner at a Ramen shop just a few minutes near the ryokan

I had fried rice

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  1. Wow, it's so heavy snowing when you were there in 2013. I am planning a trip to Shibu-Onsen with family in Dec'16. Your blog is a good read! :-)

  2. Nozawa Onsen vs Shibu Onsen, which one do you like more?